Connecting USB or phone to Nebula mini

Hi. I have downloaded some prime videos to my Android phone, but can’t get the Nebula to see any external storage device when plugged into the input jack. Likewise for a USB stick. It just doesn’t come up under file manager. Am I missing something ?

USB has to be FAT32 formatted.try this and let us know.

Also what is the model of Nebula Projector


This is not technically possible. The Prime downloads in the phone are not regular files another device can stream. It’s not like an MP4 file. You require the Prime app in the phone to play the files you downloaded in the phone.

Also not technically possible, two Android devices are both expecting to be host.

As @Shenoy states, you need to have a filesystem and a file size and media type the Nebula supports. A common filesystem is FAT32 and you must have a file type, typically an older MP4 container format which works. In general, what plays on an older media player device would work.

It is sounding like you want to use just a projector. Consider investigating if your phone can use a USB - HDMI dongle to become the video output, then use the Nebula video input.

Tks. Im happy to use just the nebula and have downloaded prime videos from the nebula and stored it on there and watchedbut it doesnt have the capacity to store files so need some sort of externatal storage. Can i download from prime using the nebula app and save on a usb plugged in the back if in FAT format ? Is this a specialu usb stick or just a question of reformatting one I have ? I had a mini projector but it was hard work getting it to do stuff. I had hoped this was plug and play. But seems to be equally tricky if not too techy.

It is the nebula mini one. If i plug a FAT32 format stick in the back can i then download prime videos from the nubula and save on that - as otherwise i can only store about 2 movies on the device.

Can you please be precise with the exact model. Nearly all Nebula products have the word “mini” in them.

So you did manage to install Prime into your Nebula? Have in Prime set to the lowest quality download? If not then you may be able to squeeze in more downloads via lower quality. E.g. data saver uses a lot less storage than best.

Try to format to Fat 32 your usb storage, plug it in and see if external storage appears , go to file manager see if there.

Then go into the Prime app and look at settings, see if it lets you configure to use external storage SD card If it does have that then that is what you are seeking solved.

If not, then the next solution would be to see if your device (phone) has video out capability, and if so buy the appropriate cable to make HDMI, then use Nebula as a dumb projector. This is a more universal solution. You’ll have to research your phone’s video out capability, example (don’t just buy it, have to check if works for your phone):

Which then connects to HDMI cable to then the HDMI input of Nebula.

No you cannot download Prime videos on one device on its external storage, and transfer and play on another device. That is obviously blocked to stop you stealing Prime videos and sharing them with people not paying for Prime. The file is encrypted by Prime on the device it downloaded on and will only play on that that device.

That’s perfectly fine, we’re all insufficiently knowledgeable about some topic , this is why in general before purchase, come here and describe what you want to accomplish then the best fit Nebula product can be recommended to you.

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Hi. I have the following :
NEBULA Anker Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector, Black, 100 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector, 360° Speaker, Movie Projector, 100 Inch Picture,

From what you are saying do most people either just play back MP4 vids or use as a dumb projector attached to something else ? I will use this mainly camping so don’t really want to playing through my phone and using phone battery as well.

I have Nebula Capsule, and I use Plex (Media Server) app on Capsule as well as Google Casting Plex Content via Capsule

For Camping, you may use one of this options:

Option 1:

option 2:

Both options mentioned above, I have personally tested and these work perfectly!

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Based on what you describe I’d investigate in download MP4 files onto a USB stick.

Also look into portable power for the Capsule either USB or a USB to DC barrel (not sure which) and a big Powercore like the lowest cost dual input 26800 so you can work offline longest.

What power input is it? An eye to a portable power to match a large USB MP4 collection.

I can confirm, MP4 video on USB stick connected to Nebula Capsule via OTG USB cable works, 100%

Uses MicroUSB input, 9V/2A (QC2.0)

To split a hair, not all MP4 work as it’s a container format, you can get weird combination of video and audio codecs which don’t work. Common issue is the audio codec isn’t supported and you get video but no sound.

As a very rough guide, if it plays in Chrome on a PC then it will play on anything.

If it’s an issue I can guide through a media recoding method based on the OS of the most powerful computer at hand.

So a 5V 2.4A output Powercore with a 5V to 9V cable would be a good pairing with the camping context?