Connecting to the Powerconf S3

OK dumb user here… I have a Samsung Note8 that I have paired to the Powerconf S3. It tested without issue, e.g. I was able to connect to the S3 and hear and talk thru the S3. That was a few days ago. I just walk into my office, the S3 has been connected to my desktop since it was tested. I get a call on my phone, I attempt to answer by pressing the phone button on the S3 but it does not answer the call.

What the heck am I doing wrong?

Try to unpair it and pair it again, see if that will fix the issue

I would unpair it from the desktop and repair it to the phone. I would also make sure the phone’s Bluetooth is still on. For some phones when you go to take the call you can click on the Bluetooth button and then choose what Bluetooth device you want to send a phone call to. Not sure if that last bit helps at all.
You are not a dumb user at all. It is always smarter to ask questions than to continue not knowing