Connecting to Eufy camera & doorbell when away from home

I was able to connect to my Eufy home security cameras and doorbell when away from home in a few locations, but not in others. This week I was on my work WiFi network and couldn’t connect, but if I disabled it and went to 4G/LTE it worked straight away. Again, WiFi back on and stopped. Note I have a 700mbps connection at work, so not an issue with speed.

Now a few days later, I can’t connect via 4G/LTE either.

In all circumstances, I receive the notifications of movement or someone ringing the bell, I just can’t connect to see who it was.

Does anyone have any advice? An IT guy said we may need to open some ports, but how do I know which ones?


The first part appears to be your work network blocking the outgoing as not allowed. You can get around easily enough if a geek but dropping from work to personal network is simpler.

The rest of it appears to be a something entirely different which is probably coincidence and a straight up Eufy issue.


I agree it may a coincidence right now. I deal with software that needs a dedicated connection or the users get kicked off. The users call our help who contact me to figure it out (don’t ask) if it us or OT.

It could be your internet provider slowing your net due to a cap, bad lines, I got kicked off a lot due rain, my lines and my wifi. I mean covid it could be school age kids doing homework and flooding the lines

Keep track of the disconnect times and that may help see if there is a pattern of the camera or its surrounding. I knew rain for me meant a lack of internet part of night until I got my newer wifi.

Thanks for the tips and advice, I will keep checking it. Seems to all be working again when using my 4G/LTE connection, but still no joy with my work WiFi network. Our IT team have researched ports and opened any firewalls but still no joy there. If they find a solution, I will post for others who experience the same issues.

Work, nothing to do with ports it’s a block Vs allow sites list.

Either you’re talking with the wrong folks or their fibbing.

There are workarounds but unless you’re deeply technical it’s not worthwhile.