Connected but no sound

just got my anker soundcore was ok wheb connecting to my cellphonebut when i try to connect to my laptop sony vaio windows was connected but not tottaly because the led light on anker still blinking .please help me

Right click on the bluetooth icon, which usually is in the bottom right tray. Once you right click on it then left click add device, click bluetooth, wait for it to search and once it finds the speaker click on pair or connect.


that is what i did thats why it is connected to my laptop but the problem is that it is connected but the led light in slundcore mini still blinking and i try to play musi but the speaker on my laptop is what im hearing

Make sure it says it’s connected and showing connected voice, music. otherwise it won’t play

Is it connected fine with your phone? Can you test it?

thanks for the answer i just got it connected i just refoemat my laptop and it connected

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