Connect Soundcore 2 with Soundcore Boost

Hello everybody,
I own an Anker Soundcore 2 of the latest version with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) and would like to get a new Anker Soundcore Boost. Is it also possible to connect the two types of devices wirelessly? Two Soundcore 2 can be connected without any problems, but would it also be possible to connect Soundcore 2 with the Soundcore Boost via Bluetooth?
Thanks in advance

Hi @Timo_Schutte the Soundcore 2 cannot be connected to the Soundcore Boost using TWS…

Dont think so.
You need the same type of speaker to connect via TWS.

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You’d already asked the question in the other place an hour earlier and replied there.

Same reply here.

Dont mind @professor we are so forgiving at the beginning of the week.
As I read your leg is going better and better! GREAT!