Congratulations to the $2000 winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Power It Up video competition. We’ve had a great time watching your videos, and we hope that you’ve had at least as much fun putting them together.

We are excited to announce our ten winners:

1. Life’s Race by Collin Chan

2. In search of KANGASKHAN • Anker - Power it Up by Coopa

3. Pug Life: Power It Up by Jondon156

4. Get The Shot by Phillip Tritthart

5. Pokemon Go Mewtwo by puuki business

6. Adventures of AnkerMan!! by Justin Finocchiaro

7. Saving the day! by aj style

8. anker, Live It Up by cava3395

9. Ankerception by Stefano Sacchi

10. You Make My Face Light Up - A Romance by Oliver Lehman

Winners, please check your emails for further details about receiving your prize.

Thank you all once again for making this exciting event a reality.:kissing_heart:


Congrats to the winners (should they check back in with the community :thinking:) and @cava3395 again but the pessimist in me thinks this will happen for most, until the next prize (or cash) competition…

Was disappointed that @Avexius didn’t make the top 10, the PowerHouse video was excellent!


But now they will have more props to work with and the rest at a disadvantage lol
Hopefully they send us postcards if they do end up disappearing :cry:

Also hope the chosen enjoy their prizes :smile:


2 grand. Wowsers though. Epic prize. Well done all.
I’m no
Good with video. I need to get skilled up a bit I think :money_mouth:


Congrats again @cava3395 and the other winners!


Yes congratulations winners!
Times like this I wish I had been better prepared and knowledgable on making videos! Stil, I did learn a little from having a go.
I also think I might have done another better attempt had I know it wasn’t going to end up being the top ten who won as originally stated.
Anyway well done people! You know you’ve got to spend it on Anker products right? Just kidding :wink:


Wow!!! Congrats to the winners!!! :heart_eyes:


Congratulations to all the winners!


Congrats to the Winners.


congrats all…great videos


Yeah none of the top 10 on the list actually won. I was rather surprised. :grin:

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You just got to have the confidence to try. My video was shot with a 80D Canon and a Yongnuo 50MM 1.4 lens, and edited on my iPad :wink: it doesn’t take much to do basic editing.


I’m already ahead of you. I have like 10 things I want sitting in my cart on Amazon. All Anker stuff mind you. :blush:


Haha I’m sure it would be easily done. Plenty of Anker stuff on my wish list - it seems to grow rather than shrink!
If they made a sound bar I’d be on to that too as the Boost doesn’t want to connect to our new tv - shame as the SCB is great! I could wire connect but since the tv has Bluetooth I was hoping to do away with annoying wires!
Anyway I digress, congrats again people! Anker sure did get everyone excited with that competition!

Can I ask what you used to edit your video on your iPad? I use apple stuff so I’m curious what you found useful - would be great for future reference! Cheers :slight_smile:

Im having the issue with my Soundcore Pro where it connects but the audio has severe lag. Idk what could be the issue there? @AnkerOfficial??

Yeah of course! I used iMovie! Very straight forward and easy to use :smile:


Congrats to everyone that won…now use that recent cash flux and go purchase more Anker products…

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Congrats to all the winners getting $2000 right before an iPhone launch :grin:

@ndalby Glad you like it! My two videos are just for people to get an idea and to get started, they aren’t actual entries to the competition.