Congrats on winning the Techlicious Top Picks of CES Award

Anker has won the Techlicious Top Picks of CES Award for the Roav Viva Alexa-enabled in-car Bluetooth adapter! #CES2018 . So congrats to them on an awesome achievement



Congrats Anker!:grin:

Awesome. Congrats!

Wow congratulations Anker deserves the accolades. Couldn’t have gone to a better company.

Thanks for sharing the good news!

We’ll have a blog coming soon :sunglasses:


It was clear we all loved this new piece of delicious tech from all the comments over on the competition post so it’s great that they’ve won this award too.

Serious in car game changer :ok_hand:


Congrats Anker, well deserved recognition!

Hooray Anker! Well done :slight_smile:

Not surprised. great products, deserve great awards! :smiley:

Congratulations! Awards like that make me feel even more great about being a part of this community!

Congrats @AnkerOfficial thoroughly well deserved :clap:t2::clap:t2:

No problem, I figured you guys would post something but I just was excited and wanted everyone to know :thumbsup:

Congratulations, Anker! :tada: That’s awesome!

Great! Congratulations!!

Awesome, congratulation! :grin:

Awesome, congrats! :clap:

congrats Anker!:confetti_ball:

congrats ANKER!!! well done! the best brandt!!!:tada: