Confused - Note 10+ 45w charging?

Was hoping someone could help me narrow down, just which charger I should buy to charge my Galaxy note 10+. I’m looking ideally for a desktop charger with at least 1 USB-C Out.

I am finding the product lineup pretty confusing. I think I understand anker chargers with Power IQ won’t fast charge my Note.

as far as I can make out, I’d need a charger with 45w or more PD to take advantage of the Note 10’s 45w super fast charging. (though I’d be just as happy with the 25w fast charging if anker chargers aren’t compatible)

Can someone help me choose?

Thanks :slight_smile:


After editing this post and read about it… yes you have to buy the Samsung charger since it uses a 10V/4.5amp combination. This is not a std PD, Samsung uses something call PPS that allows to achieve the maximum charging capacity.

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Hi @PolarFuchs, Anker does not currently offer a charger capable of fast charging Note10+. They all lack Programmable Power Supply (PPS).

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ChargerLab says you need an USB-C PD 3.0 with PPS in order to get 45w of power if you choose a third party charger.

Why? PD typically uses 5, 9, 12, 15 or 20V. But the PPS setting uses a stepwise voltage change: normally you can get a 45w from a 15V/3A or 20/2.25 configuration but Samsung requires 10V/4.5A in order to reach 45w. So you need PPS

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Awesome, thanks for the replies. i did look at the 60w 2x USB-C wall charger, @tugar32, but it doesn’t seem to be available here in the UK.

@Insider, Hopefully something will be along in the future. I did wonder if samsung were using a different standard. The whole topic has been a bit confusing to research.


Your only route if you want to charge super fast is the original Samsung charger. You already have a 25W me personally would not get a 30W. Look in Amazon for the original Samsung 45W charger if you really need it. But 25W sounds really good.

It seems like the options are almost non-existent. I’ve found some “possible” 45w (or higher) chargers on Amazon but it’s unclear if they will actually provide the charge setting needed for a Samsung Note 10+ even though they say they have PD 3.0 and support fast charging qi 3.0 etc… It’s JAN 2020 and this phone still feels too ahead of it’s time in terms of supported chargers!

My question is are there any reliable cables that support the 45w charging? That’s what I came to Anker looking for…