Confirmed - Anker Power Delivery 18W works with Huawei's "fast charge"

Hi, before the spat of the US Administration was having with China and then with Huawei, I picked up excellent well engineered Huawei products, their Mediapad M5 8.4 LTE and 10.8 LTE. From an electronics perspective these are phone chipsets, but physically built like tablets. Good for using phone SIMs not data SIMs to get lower monthly cost.

The challenge with these bigger devices is they very much need high speed charging (*), they come with their own Huawei Proprietary charging tech, but the good news is Anker’s PD chargers work well with Huawei’s phone chipsets. I have the Powerport 60W, the Powerport 5 PD and yesterday got a Powercore 10000 PD, and they all reported 18W.

Slightly differently, the Powerport 5 PD did 9V 2A, but the others did 15V 1.2A.

If I am not living the day out of my pockets, but out of a bag, I prefer to put a SIM in my 8.4" for better bigger screen.

I am leaving USA soon but for now I have 4 T-Mobile SIMs and put them each in my OnePlus 6, Huawei 8.4, 10.8 and my spare backup phone OnePlus 3T. With Google Voice pointed to them all, they all ring and I pick whichever I want.

If only OnePlus DASH would work with Anker…

What I am seeking to buy next is a dual International / UK 18W per-port charger to recharge device + 10000 PD.

(*) The Huawei M5 Mediapad 10.8" LTE is barely being able to kept charge while in use (full brightness, using it), unless it is on 18W charger. A 10W or 12W 5V charger doesn’t keep it going, it slowly drains. 18W is just about to slowly recharge it.


Did you use any tool to check the voltage and amp of the output. It could easily work at the speed of 2A 5V (10W). However, I doubt, the huawei chip will work with PD Standard or QC.

Yes a USB-C meter. Measured the V and A externally, not in software. And yes, agreed, surprised Huawei works with PD. I only have Anker PD chargers mind you.

You need photos? They are all fully charged currently so I’d have to get them <50% charged to make a decent recharge measurement, so you’d not get photo evidence til say tomorrow or day after. But I did check them in the last week for my own edification.

9V vs 15V surprised me, I’d figured 9V would be nearer to the cells in the devices.

Huawei secretly working with 18W PD is nice luck, it shrinks my kit down. Got on a USA road trip coming up and lots of power needs.

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If it’s not personal, I’m curious as to why you’re leaving the US… if it is personal just ignore my question…

This thread in the XDA mentioned that some chargers actually made to compatible with Huawei FCP… (Huawei was not complying with PD standard).

I am not sure which one is correct but it is good to know that you can use Anker to fast charge the device. Anyway, if you had some photos it would be great.

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You are correct that Huawei has an older fast charging standards (FCP) which is on some non-Huawei chargers. But my testing didn’t show it on the PowerCore 10000 PD or PowerPort Speed PD 60. When Huawei FCP appears on a charger it tends to be alongside Quick Charge. Which again neither of those Anker chargers support.

This sounds more like Huawei not listing specs properly. Which is why no one knows for certain without trial and error what will and won’t fast charge some of their products.

All I testify is that the supplied chargers from Huawei did 9V 2A, my Anker Powerport 5 PD worked at 9V 2A, my Anker 60W PD worked 15V 1.2A, as did my Powercore 10000 PD.

It suits me as I can travel with a more universal charger.

This is awesome, and the Huawei computer is amazing, we sell it at my store. It is even better knowing that it will work with Anker’s products.


15V support definitely isn’t FCP. Must have USB PD support and they just aren’t listing it. Thanks for the details.

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Probably accidentally.

The Huawei Mediapad M5 8.4 LTE is a beauty. It’s a phone chipset so takes a phone Sim which is better value than a tablet, and apart from it’s not single handed and huge in the pocket, having a bigger screen is nice.

I’m on a long road trip shortly and im going to use the 8.4 as my phone in the car, and the 10.8 for evening in the hotel. Both have T-Mobile phone SIM in and SD cards with ooodles of MP4 files. I don’t have 18W car charger, and the 10.8 can’t keep charged on 10W so why drive with the 8.4. The only PD charger I have with me now is the 60W single socket. I won an Atom III I sent it to UK it’s not quite a perfect fit for my needs but it does have one 45W PD which probably can charge the Huawei, touch wood.