Configuration of Eufy Cam as a door Cam


i initialy bought tha cam to realize a security cam on the front door for my 83 year old mother. So it has to be easy and to show persons on the door fast and more important in an easy way.

At the moment on an event from the Cam she needs to active the tablet, choose the Eufy app, update the video folder and then click on the video to see who is there.

Can you configure the Eufy app to open up automatically on an incoming event?

Or are there other possibilities to make it more easy for my mother to see who is there?

Thanks in advance

you should be able to just tap the notification and it will play the video from app, thats how it works on my phone

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That’s how I use it too, unless you wanted to see the previous events, I will not go to the app.
IFTTT may help you with other ways of viewing it, if eufy get it some day. :disappointed:
Echo show may be able to show the video of the event more easily if you have that.

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Thank you for your fast answers.

At the moment I am testing the whole setup with my IPad air to find the easiest solution.

Echo show may be a nice solution.

Do you have any more intel on that? Or is there someone with who already uses that in combination with the Eufy cam?

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When you get the notification of an event on your ipad, touch the notification to open the recorded video, this would be the quicker way as of now.
Once you get the Echo show, you can just summon the Echo to show you front door cam, so you can even view the live video and talk to the person waiting at the door.