Complaint to Anker about EufyCam ecosystem and IFTTT

I have just sent the following email to support at Anker/Eufy.

If you feel as ripped off as I do, I suggest you pen your own and send it through.


I have to admit I’m usually pretty relaxed about missed promises on Kickstarter-type products.

But Eufycam isn’t that any more.

It’s now a genuine retail product sold in genuine bricks & mortar stores

I recently bought 8 Eufycam cameras, a base station, a wifi doorbell, a spotlight camera and 5 door sensors under the impression that IFTTT was coming as per advertising and the box. IFTTT was a prerequisite in my purchase choice so it could be integrated with my existing home automation.

However, I have now read through the community forums and have seen that Anker has no intention of providing IFTTT Support even though it was advertised, promoted and PRINTED ON THE BOXES I PURCHASED.

Under Australian Consumer Law, bait & switch and misrepresentation are considered serious matters.

Please advise the timeline for IFTTT to be provisioned within 7 days from this email or I will be filing a complaint with Australia’s Consumer Affairs.

Unless a firm commitment and timeline are given, I will be returning the products because they are not fit for purpose and are not “as advertised”.

I would have been ok with API access or webhooks as then I could roll my own IFTTT solution but there is NO valid explanation or response coming from Anker therefore I have no choice but to report this to the body that protects Australian Consumers from fraudulent behaviour and get my money back so I can seek an alternative solution.

Regards, Jason


Dear @jasonjordan,

Thank you so much for letting us know your concern regarding this issue.

We have contacted our product team and we will fully take care of this case for you.

Apologized again for any inconvenience caused. Thank you for your patience and support since the eufycam released.

If we can offer further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again. We’re always ready to help!

Could you let us know about IFTTT support…

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Eufycam will not be seeing the advertised IFTTT integration.

Anker Support have responded to me and offered a full refund.

We have all been ripped off and I ask that all of you who are affected by this, complain in the loudest possible terms and also seek refunds where possible. Also, if your country has appropriate consumer laws, follow it up there too.

I’m going to report this bait & switch to Australia’s Consumer Affairs, as although a refund has been offered, I have invested time, effort and money into installing my Eufy devices. I paid an Electrician to install the hard wired devices. I have damaged my property by permanently attaching the devices.

None of this would have occurred had Anker lived up to its advertising. I am out of pocket.

Not good enough.

Regards, Jason

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Sucks you had to go through all that, best of luck

Please keep us updated, that really sucks that you went through that!

I’m waiting for IFTTT before buying but I need to buy something soon. Horrible move by Anker to promise this, put it on the box and then not deliver.


I’m assuming you’re an older person over the age of 21. This sounds like the first time you’ve ever had a company tell you something and go back on it. Let it be a life lesson that you never prep for something that isn’t finalized. Had you waited until IFTTT was fully implemented you wouldn’t have this issue. I still think Anker is in the wrong but your blind faith in companies will cause you many frustrations in the future.