Competition Updates

I am new to this and want to build up some powerbucks.

II was wondering if there is a way to get notifications on powerbucks competitions?

Is there a way to have them emailed or do you have to just keep logging in daily and searching the threads?


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The PowerDraw goes live every Monday and the Winners are picked on Saturday.

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The Power Draw is a weekly thing so you don’t need to check in daily just once a week. There is also a tab up top that says Power Draw, if you click on that it will bring you to a listing of the current power draw listings.

Just used last arrow and won smart speakers…

I think you just login and check every day or be active and you get more points that way or just sign up to get email alerts just scroll down on the first page before you enter the community page

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The best way to build up your power bucks is to be engaging within the forum and be as helpful as you can be. Once a week or as often as you like you can go to the powerdraw page and enter whichever competition you want to for the week.
Word of advice, I would only enter or go all in on items you really want and need. Otherwise, you will constantly run out of points and won’t have enough for what you really want


YES! Genius :raised_hands::clap::clap::smiley::smirk::grinning::smile:

Just be active and help the community out on a regular bases.

Hi, @xander1994, welcome to the community. :grin:

As many of our fans have said, my only suggestion to earn more PowerBucks would be: be an active user.

You can also find the detailed rules on the “How to Win” section of PowerDraw:

How easy is it to win these Power Draws? Since they are basically mini raffles, anyone have anecdotal evidence on the chance of winning with, say, 10 entries?

It’s all luck of the draw, the more entries you have the better your odds of winning…but, you can only win one prize once so those 10 entries are moot once you win said prize. @Nigelhealy once said it is better to only enter once because of this, but at the same time go all in for what you really want to better your chances.

I look at how many people enter and base my entries off of that

Oh, I didn’t even realize you could see how many current entries there are. Obviously, that would allow me to see exactly what the chances are - great tip!