Compatible magnetic support for iPhone 8, 8 plus and X

Hi, are you developing an magnetic car support for the new generation iPhone that support wireless charging?

Without the plate the support doesn’t keeps the iPhone, and with the plate in the middle the iPhone doesn’t charge in wireless.

A solution is to put the small plate in the upper of the iPhone, but the strength in the magnetic support is lower, and sometimes if i accidentally touch the iPhone it falls.

I think that the new magnetic support will have to be more larger and the plate must be two slim band to apply one on the left and the other in the right of the iPhone so as not to interfere with wireless charge.


Will definitely be interested in a new magnetic car and desk charger/holder so when I get my iPhone X I’m ready to go

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There is a magnetic cAR mount that has support for wireless charging, it does so with a round metal plate with the center opened and same for the mount. Someone posted it on here before, interesting to see if more companies make someonething similar

Yeah I am thinking of buying X and was wondering what products you guys are making for it.

I was thinking the wam thing but not to the sides of the device but top and bottom. it will still not interfere with the camera or Qi charging pad and it can still provide high strength magnets to connect to.

Yes, but the support will be too long, and will blocks the air conditioning vent.
And you’ll need different support, for different smartphone, like 8 and 8 plus, for the length.