Compatibility question

Hi all, I’m looking to purchase my first battery pack from Anker. It will be used for powering my iPhone 6S plus and Hawkeye firefly Q6 action camera (not at the same time).

I have been looking at the Powercore 5000 and 10000, however, I’m not sure if either of these devices are compatible/ too powerful for the action camera.

Any advice is appreciated.



Hi @whf , either would be fine to charge your iPhone 6S+ or action camera as the PowerCore will only supply/output the maximum input charge for your devices. I would however lean toward’s the 10000 if you are wanting to get a couple of charges of both devices before having to re-charge the PowerCore itself…


I would go with the PowerCore II slim 10,000 to future proof yourself when you upgrade to fast charging devices and double the battery capacity in a slim form factor.


Thank you guys. I ordered the 10000 already. @Jesse_Hernandez1 Isn’t it only android phones which support fast charging? I don’t thin it would affect my iPhone or Action camera.

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Power IQ 2.0 will charge any device at the max charging speed it is capable of, never over charging them. So if your device is iOS or android it will charge it at the max speed it can be charged at, I have coworkers who use my Anker battery pack and love how fast it charges their iphones so it’s not just android that benefits from it


I was mistaken, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X will support fast charging but you you need a usb-C power delivery power bank and USB-c to lightning cable. Not the PowerCore II slim 10k, my bad haven’t owned any Apple products in a while.

Future-proof and get the latest powerbank.