Compact portable chargers

I am looking a mabye purchasing an Anker Compact Portable Charger with around 10,000 or 13,000 mAh and want to make sure I get a case with it. Only one product advertises that it comes with a case but I was skeptical that only one out 10 or 15 options had a case. Does anyone else know if another battery with similar mAh comes with a case?

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They come with mesh drawstring bags which work well for scuff type protection. A case adds volume and weight.

This is simple in reality it lands in either:

  • you are actively using it then just keep in the bag you are with. it can withstand the knocks of that bag, true it gets scuffed but those scuffs will not break it
  • it is stored for later user, well I simply wrap in clothing like a Buff, sock, etc, which I have anyway and that always protect it for no weight.

Cases are one of the world’s worse items for travel you have clothing to wrap anything in anyway or its in your hand or pocket.


Have you tried checking Amazon?

While the case doesn’t come with the battery, it’s an option.

Also, Amazon sells “Amazon Basics” cases for external HDD’s, and depending on the size of the battery you choose, one of those might work, too.

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