Compact On the Go Power Strip

This little mighty power strip is perfect for traveling and those that need to be able to work on your laptop on the go for extended periods of time. You can even power your laptop with the USB-C, albeit at a slower speed.
With two outlets, two USB, and one USB-C - it’s ready for all power needs you may need on the go.
It also has a feature that isn’t stressed enough - it’s a surge protector! So when you are out in the field and unsure of the power, it’s great to have this feature to protect the valuables you have.
Not to mention, the build quality is great - the plug on the wall is angled and flat, the cord is braided and feels solid, and the bottom of the power strip has a non-slip surface for placing it onto a desk or table.
Overall great product, well designed, and essential for those on the go with many gadgets!


Thanks for sharing your opinion and experience with us! Nice pictures!

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Good review. Definitely a power strip I wanna get in the future

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Short and nice review of the powerstrip @Matthew_Cibulka Thanks for sharing!

Short but useful!
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