Community Username Problem (and my possible solution)

Greetings community members,

Today I present to you a problem, as well as my (hopefully temporary) solution.

The problem is that when I became a member of this community my username (if my memory is correct) was chosen based on the email address I used to create my account with.
My account is @ericshaile
Now strangely in this account I am unable to change my username when I go to preferences but in my other account @The_Great_Antelope1 I can change my username. I would love it if my username was not my actual name for many reasons. I have contacted @AnkerOfficial about this but have not received a solution yet.

My solution is to simply switch to using my other account (@The_Great_Antelope1) to interact with the community, but this is in no way preferable. The email I have associated with this second account is one I normally connect with games and spam, I’d rather not have my emails from Anker go there. I also have accumulated a large amount of Bucks in my @ericshaile account so to take advantage of them I’d have to switch between accounts. So my solution may suffice but I hope someone could come up with a better solution.

Maybe my @ericshaile account could be deleted and I could remake it and have my PowerBucks restored?


I went through the same thing and as far as I can tell it’s based on when your account was created. I have a friend who joined last year after the forum reset and he can change his user name but I cannot. I even asked about it and didn’t get anywhere either. So here I am stuck with elmo41683 as my username, oh well. Wish you luck on getting it sorted


Coming from an old forum admin/owner/operator environment it can be difficult (depending on forum system even impossible) make those changes. I know they can add points for contests but adding them because of an user issue may not be at the top of their list to do.

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If they are able to help me I’ll be sure to let you know.

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Not really what I’d like to here but it is good to know that it isn’t really Anker’s fault and instead the system they are using.

I have a slightly different thing. When I signed up at the forum I did it over the us website. When I tried to sign up again I did it over the German website. It was not working so I created in the end a second account with the same email, because I thought my other account was not working.

The result I have 2 accounts at one email. I don’t know if it is still working but maybe you should check it @AnkerOfficial

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Worth a shot

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Hi @ericshaile,

You can’t change your username by yourself once your account has activated the reply action.

But if you really want to change your username, our technician should be able to help you.:grin:


I was gonna ask to have mine changed but decided, oh well I’ll leave mine as it is because now y’all know me elmo the lovable laughing kid from sesame street


Oh I would love to change it if it is possible. If you could put me in touch with your technician that would be fantastic!


Should contact Anker or start fresh.

Yeah I feel that I’m new enough that I could change my username and nobody would really notice.

You could send me a message with your changing details.:grin:


I have a similar problem

When I first registered my username was Andrew_Bellhouse…it was like this for a few days.

A few days later I logged back on and my username had changed to Andrew_Bellhouse1 and my level progression and bucks had reset.

(Now changed my username to AndyBell)

Got it sure can.

I face the same problem,too! When I set up my account, I didn’t know that the system would create my community username automatically! Now I am stuck with a username I don’t like to use! I have tried several ways to change it, but all was in vain!
If anyone has figured out how to change it, please share! I did not know that I would not have full control of my account preferences!
I know how old this post is, but still hope someone could shed some light on this matter.

Thank you all members!