Community Exclusive | Six Anker products that you deserve to own!

As promised, we’re launching deals exclusively to our Community first. Feast your eyes, because the text below has been seen by no man (or woman) before. Go forth and claim!

( 30 % OFF ) Anker 60W 10-Port USB Wall Charger
Regular Price: $39.99
Deal Price: $27.99
Code: BEST2133

( 20 % OFF ) Anker PowerCore 13000 Portable Charger
Regular Price: $29.99
Deal Price: $23.99
Code: CORE13AH

( 20 % OFF ) Anker SoundCore nano Bluetooth Speaker with Big Sound
Regular Price: $20.99
Deal Price: $16.99

( 20 % OFF ) Eufy BodySense Smart Scale with Bluetooth, Large LED Display
Regular Price: $49.99
Deal Price: $39.99

**(27 % OFF)**Anker SoundBuds Tag Wireless Earbuds
Regular Price: $35.99
Deal Price: $25.99

( 30 % OFF ) Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable (3ft)
Regular Price: $25.99
Deal Price: $17.99
Code: ANKB8121

US Only. Deals start May 18th at 00:00 PDT, end May 22nd at 23:59 PDT


Nice selection but more of an exclusive for US members only rather than the community as a whole…possible for a bit more balance on offers?


I thought I would be first…but it’s nice to see they’re at least showing us deals first. Faster than I thought

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Excellent to see community first offers. At time of typing, I cannot see these same offers in the other “usual methods”. I just now ordered the same-day 10-port. My 6-port is, cough, well over-subscribed what with the 2 phones, 2 watches, 2 headphones, 2 tablets… :triumph:

PS my non-Anker 6 port failed. Buy non-Anker, buy twice. :blush:

I just purchased one yesterday. A day before the discount. They seem to sell like hotcakes. Every time I would check it would say currently unavailable. Not sure when it will be back in stock.

It’s in stock

Although I get your point, I think its intended to help make you lighter not your wallet lighter.

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I know it’s in stock, that’s why yesterday I ordered one. Ever since the launch, I have only seen it say currently unavailable. What I am saying is that I finally saw it was available and ordered one yesterday and the next day being that is today it has a discount code. Since not everything Anker has, you can buy hence the three discounts you get when signing up. And it’s one of the few items from Eufy that I have seen have a discount code.

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Why the self help books always sell


@AnkerOfficial amusingly, the email you just sent.

contains an error look at the date in the email but the date of the forum post seems correct.

The point is just an error in your email.

Yes, we have extended the promotional time in the community.

No. The Amazon codes work regardless of who you are. The email is in error it says an earlier end of offer than actual. There is no extended offer for community. At most, you offered codes earlier to the community. I’m not saying something here about the community, only the non-community email is in error.

I’ll paste my usual on this topic of precision in English Grammar and details.

hahaha! that`s funny :joy:

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