Community Exclusive | 30% OFF eufy Security SpaceView Baby Monitor

Hey Anker Fans,

Caring for a newborn baby is probably the most nerve-racking thing we’ll ever have to do. Fortunately, eufy is here to make those first few months a little easier to manage.

Introducing SpaceView, The Pioneering In-Home HD Baby Monitor.

Features include:

720p High Definition: Get a crystal-clear view of your baby and the room.

Wide-Angle: Expand the viewing angle to 110° with a screw-on lens.

Pan and Tilt: Control remotely via the control pad on the monitor.

Instant Alerts: An alarm sounds if your baby begins crying or loud noises are detected.

Huge Coverage: View from anywhere in your home with a range of 460ft.

And the best news? Community members can get an exclusive 30% discount. Use code EUFYBBSS to get it for only $119.99 before October 23rd!


Nice deals :heart_eyes_cat:

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good deal, I know @tiagomota would be interested in this. Hopefully if so he is able to get it in Canada


Looks like a nice deal!

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I would, definitely. But, as of now, it still isn’t available in Canada… :neutral_face:

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Love this idea!

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Good deal. I know some parents to be who would definitely be interested in this.

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Haha why don’t you share this deal with them? :grin:


This is a great discount considering its a fairly new product.


If you go to the amazon page independently, you can still get a $30 discount, so it is a community exclusive, but not as big as this makes it out to be.

It was also $134.99 for everyone just a few days ago… Still, this is a good deal nonetheless for those interested.

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Still, $119.99 is a great price over what it would be otherwise. Any discount that’s better than what’s widely available is still a better discount. Stop knocking the discount because it’s still a better deal


When is the extra camera going to be available?

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Last update that I received from customer service was that the extra cameras for the SpaceView monitor should be available by the end of December. Looking forward to it, as I’ve enjoyed the monitor so far.