Comment after a week with C1 Pro as front and C1 as rear dash cam

C1 : FW 8.0
C1 Pro : FW 2.4

Both have good quality build, image but I have sme comments;

  • Cannot always turn on wifi while C1 pro can. Understood that it might be safety issue but why C1 pro can?
  • if wifi turn on, screen will always on, not turn off as it should
  • latest FW (on goroav web) = 8.7 but no update on my 8.0 via roav app
    C1 & C1 Pro;
    No live stream. They expect 2" poor quality screen that we might placed them far away from driver. As I mentioned I placed C1 as rear cam, inconvinience at all even my C1 pro placed at front passenger side.
    -No PC program
  • Very slow connection via WIFI

I was also surprised that there is no live view on the app. It would make installation and other aiming situations much easier. If it is a safety thing, disable it at 5 mph or 10 km/h etc, so that idiots do not start to drive from their screens. Even lower framerate would be useful, if there is issue with processing power.

One more thing. To turn on C1 Pro, you need to hold power button for about 3sec but for C1, just touch it. I accidently turn it on many times

@Viljo. I leaved my comment on google play, anker response was the dash already has screen!!!