Coming Soon: Right-Angle USB-C to Lightning Cable!

I have a feeling that this is going to make a lot of people happy… Anker is developing a right-angle USB-C to Lightning cable!

This was initially announced at CES in January, but I totally missed it!

Have you been waiting for Anker to develop right-angled cables? Be sure to let us know with a reply!

@AnkerOfficial – Any updates on this product? The initial release timeframe was Q2. If that’s still on track, then we can expect this to be available later this month or next.


Thank you for bringing this up @Insider :+1:

This does look an interesting product… Recently someone on community asked for it.

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I have no use for something like this.

Even for gamers I don’t know that it’s a great idea. If you are charging at 18w, and playing a graphic intensive game then it could put off a significant amount of heat, which is bad for the battery.

Over the past few months I’ve been much more conscious about the heat from my phone, and protecting my battery. I have a small fan that clips to my bedside table to cool my phone while it charges over night.


Are you measuring temperature to judge better methods?

Correct, heat ages cells faster, but until you measure temperature you don’t really know which methods work better.

Most surfaces are insulators, so they don’t feel cold to touch, so that’s your phone cover, the surface of your bedside table. Air is an insulator. Consider a copper plate and then you get conduction to the plate then the fan uses convection. However, until you measure anything, you don’t know what works best.

3 sources of heat:

  • the apps on your phone running
  • the recharging, which is more damaging when experienced when cell nearly full
  • wireless

I love science!

Source: Effect of Temperature on the Aging rate of Li Ion Battery Operating above Room Temperature | Scientific Reports

One of many pics

But this shows you just to seek to minimise heat, it doesn’t say what works best. Unless you measure temperature of a method, don’t know how well it works.


Please make 6ft versions of this and the existing right angle cables :slight_smile:

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Develop this: Right angle USB-C to USB-C in 1 foot, 3 foot and 6 foot lengths. USB-C everything.

Perhaps even magnetic connections like MagSafe.

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