Coming Soon: PowerSolar Flex 24W

Anker is developing a new solar charger… Here is an early look at PowerSolar Flex 24W!


What features do you hope Anker incorporates with this upcoming solar charger? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


May be have 2 USB-C ports and 1 USB-A port and also a portable battery (or is it only solar panel?)

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I believe this one has three USB-A ports and no USB-C ports. You may be confusing this with PowerCore Solar 10000?

The biggest flaw with the 21W panel was no decent pouch to keep any relevant other parts like cables, battery.

So a better pouch would be good.

There’s limited benefit of guessing from just the unlisted Amazon product at this stage with just the image uploaded, more will come as the Anker manufacturer owner edits and adds text and better images prior to shipping to FBA warehouse.

May be coincidence but the “coming soon” other solar product I did my best to say don’t do it, never did come, I hope I helped make that get cancelled. 3 months after “coming soon” still only the 4 year old product is there.

I personally don’t use any, but handy for those camping out more often. I believe it’s only the panel coming now, don’t think it includes a battery and multiple USB ports :thinking:

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I like the idea of using it for camping! Don’t have to worry about recharging other power banks or bringing along a 18v or 40v battery inverters.

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I am aware of the powercore solar 10000, was interested to see if this new product had any battery at all, with more solar panel area. Looks like an upgrade to earlier powerport solar / solar lite.

Myself have the powerport solar lite (15w) with 2 USB-A ports with decent pouch good for 1-2 cables.

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Just from the pics alone it looks like a tablet case for me lol.

Wish it had 30W total with one 18W USB C and 12W USB A

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For that to be viable you’d need a device supporting PD 3 PPS to allow a truly dynamical output.

Typically what is happening is the open circuit voltage is measured with no load, then is multiplied by perfect conditions current to make an invalid VI=W you can never achieve. So why 24W is likely more 20W in perfect conditions and typically 10W-15W real-world. So you could not give 18W output, it could fluctuate to on/off. A PPS could deliver the actual 10W-15W.

This is often why we attach the solar panel to a Powercore which is more tolerant of power up/down on/off than a typical device, it stores the energy and then in turn delivers a sustained reliable power to your device.

The 21W Anker panel suited best the dual input Powercore II 20000, or just two Powercore 10000 plugged into each port and they soak up whatever is output. You’d then power your devices off these Powercore.

If I were working at Anker I’d do:

  • allow to daisy chain these in parallel so you can get as much Wattage as you like by buying 1, 2, 3…
  • proprietary barrel connector between
  • a dongle to convert whatever is the current and voltage to your desired output. Different options for USB-C, A.
  • the Powerhouse products evolve to use this barrel input.
  • Make a 20Ah PPS input Powercore , and use one of the dongles above, for a more compact version of the Powerhouse above.

As I was typing my message I wasn’t sure if it was even possible but decided to post anyway.

They should to come to you for some ideas :+1:


I’m so excited!!!

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