Cold weather Hot deals

Ankers newest email reveals some cold weather hot deals!!<---- their email heading, not my words :joy:


More US only (sighs) lol

But some good deals there :slight_smile:

I’m sure more euro deals will be coming

Why does US get most of the deals? SAD :cry::cry::sob::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

I’m assuming it’s because they have the largest customer base.
Just need to be patient :yum:

These prices are not that deep so these are “usual discounts”. Implies stock shifting reasonably well no need for deeper discounts.

The USA-centric view, I know that keeps coming up. I originated in UK but now in USA and I know what its like doing business in Europe vs USA. The fact is that USA is a single large single-language (mostly) economy so if you get your goods through USA customs you’re able to sell to a $18.6T economy. Compare to getting them into, say, UK you’re selling into $2.6T economy (14% of the USA) so you’d have much less stock locally so less excess stock so less need for discounts to shift stock.

Given someone in Amazon UK wants to see an “in stock” and a “shipping in X days” type offer, means the goods have to be physically now in UK at time of the offer, that means Anker had to ship weeks earlier their predicted demand for that product in UK, and then once in UK, if demand is less than expected then use discounts to shift stock.

I fear the problems for the UK will get worse given its currently in a single customs union so at least goods can move internally in EU but come 14 months from now there’s a higher wall around the UK making it likely a place to send even less excess inventory.