Code for Nebula Soundbar

Can anyone give me the code number to link my Sky Q remote to the Nebula Soundbar? TIA👍

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Please reach out to Nebula Support for details, not many here own the Nebula Soundbar :grin:

Hey @david.greatrix
I’ve taken a look on Skys website and it doesn’t appear listed.
I would say this is a call to Sky to see of they have a code or a trick up their sleeve to allow the 2 to work together.

Let us know how you get on.
All the best.

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No luck with Sky Paul. I’ve emailed Anker support.

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Well @david.greatrix you can rest assured if support has anything to offer they will. But it can take 24-48hrs (depending on timezones) to get back to you.

Please update us with their response.