Cnet review eufy smart mini

Here us a screen dump of a recent review from CNET, on the EUFY SMART mini plug


I just read that and had to laugh, a smart mini plug and they complain about a charging port that would add size and complexity… cheez, what a weak complaint.

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Read the full review here.

Great minds think alike :wink: I wonder how many stars they knocked off for that weak complaint…

You lose a power receptacle when using these smart wifi plugs, so adding a 2.1A USB port would be convenient.

What these plugs don’t do, is individually control the power to the USB port which would be very nice. I’ve only seen that occur on the Smart WiFi Power Strips.

[quote=“Dez_S, post:5, topic:61318”]
You lose a power receptacle when using these smart wifi plugs
[/quote]Not true in this case.

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Meaning, you lose a power receptacle to your USB charger that “was” there before the Eufy Smart Mini Plug. If you add a USB port that you can control, you now have a multi-port smart plug :wink:

But you are missing the main point, this is a “mini”, it cant have everything and people that review it should understand. The addition of USB increases the mass too much and defeats the purpose of making it a mini lol

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I’m not missing the point. I’m explaining why they reviewed it that way. I like the mini the way it is. I have several around the house and they work and are convenient.

Maybe anker isn’t anker without a USB port attached to everything .

He mentions HomeKit like 7 times. I have Apple phone and and HomeKit is just a dusty button on the swipe left hidden bottom screen. Dusty. Alexa is way more diverse.

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USB ports are getting more and more common, handy and needed.
So yeah Anker will stuff in a port everywhere :slight_smile:


What I like best about this plug is that it does not need a hub. I have other older smart plugs like the Insteon version and it requires a hub to be on all the time to control all the devices. This does not need a hub. You just need an app on your phone to set it up. Even without the app you can still turn it on and off with the power button. You can get the Alexa skill and easily give it voice commands with alexa or Eufy Genie.

So far I really like this thing.