Cloud storage plans

I am very disappointed about the prices of cloud storage plans. I think we need a plan for 4/5 camcorders. eufy what do you think about?

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It’s not required if you have NAS storage. Even 16GB SD card in the HomeBase can store thousands of videos. Only point is accessing them when they are older than 30 days. Eufy is aware of this and are working on it.

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Setup a simple NAS storage by connecting a portable 1TB drive to your home router ( Netgear or Asus routers support this) and save the recordings on it. Cloud plans are expensive to start with, but have their pros.

a nas or homebase can be stolen. in some cases the cluod is necessary. there is a hole in the anker offer. I think many of us have less than 4/5 cameras.

Hide the NAS :grin:

Everything has it’s own pros & cons, most of the members here don’t like cloud as it can be hacked. And I agree cloud subscription fee can be lowered but down the line, may not be done right now. I am not going to pay for it either.
I am sticking with SD card right now, may setup my own NAS in the near future.
Hope eufy will let us download events from web portal :neutral_face:

Just select what suits you best given the options and requirements you have [quote=“cescofs, post:4, topic:68143”]
a nas or homebase can be stolen.

If the NAS is left in plain site it will get stolen. My friend hid his NAS system and I couldn’t even find it when he asked me to try and find it.


A bit unrelated to the main topic but I stick to SD cards for storage. I don’t like the cloud or paying for them to keep my files when I can do that and still store safely

This is my NAS, has 8GB of onboard storage for a fast OS, an SD slot you can easily put many GB into cheaply, Wifi. Just add code and power.

Plenty of idiot guides out there to turn into whatever you need. For less than $70 you’d have a powerful NAS to do all your server tasks, I’m assuming you’d buy a higher end server and a larger SD card, but you could make something useful for <$50. I use for downloading, web server to stream across home, I keep one in my house and it replicates to sister server far away in case of issues, so even if they found this, within minutes what’s on it is somewhere else they’d not be able to find.


That’s a great idea! That’s even easier to hide then my friend’s system. I’ve been wanting to build one of these. How fast is this one?

This is great @professor, I really wanted to make one for me.

Not sure what you built that one out of, but I’m going to build one out of the raspberry pi zero W. I’ll probably put a HDD to it, so it will be larger than that :grin:

@Anjou1888 @professor device is a Neo Plus 2 (NanoPi)…


yes, I remember @professor mentioned about this sometime in jan/feb this year and the Nano pi. May plan to get one of these for next diy

So for a NAS which can do media streaming at full network speeds, you really need a 1Gbit NIC and ideally a USB 3, or better still SATA. My setup can easily stream 20MB/s (> 100Mbit/s) due to the 1Gbit and USB 3. So I can stream 1080p MPEG4 off mine, while it’s downloading, while its doing media recoding. I convert Flash to Mp4 on mine, does it faster than real-time.

The Raspberry Pi when I looked was a little underpowered as a NAS, when I last looked was 100MBit not 1Gbit so it would be a little slower than most Wifi now, but will probably fast enough.

I can write a new “how many a NAS” thread but this is an Anker forum and NAS on Linux guides exist a lot already.

And when we say “Pi” what we’re really meaning is the processor family, so ARM. ARM64 ideally.

So I just now looked at today’s Pi. The problem with the Pi Zero W is it is very under-spec’d for a NAS and you have add things, at a cost, other options have built-in already. It does not seem to have Ethernet, only Wifi, so its’s already going to be slower as a NAS, and doesn’t mention USB 3, only USB OTG and microSD. Even the Pi3 ModelB+ is not truly Gigabit Ethernet.

But to be clear, you can make a NAS for no cost using any old computer you may have, or the lowest entry Pi and work your way up from there to suit a budget, so from $0 using old laptop through $30 upwards, the only impact really is performance, so depends what you want to do. I still have working Linux servers from hardware I built from 1999 doing useful things.

MicroSD cards are quite powerful and spacious, e.g. today 200GB is $25.

But, to the thread topic, you cannot fairly compare these to Cloud Plans.These home NAS setups are not as reliable, they are a single device at home. Cloud Storage is in a secure datacenter, usually 2 or 3 datacenters in a high-availability configuration with power supplies a lot more reliable than home.

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I can connect (sometimes) my EufyCam to the Synology DS416 - but apart from dropping connections, it also only allows for 2 cameras before you have to buy a licence to use more (I have 4).