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Hey guys, I’ve noticed that the SoundCore Nano has disappeared from sales (except the one PowerDraw recently), and I want to be able to get a silver one for myself. Let’s see how many people want the SoundCore Nano back up for sale in the poll below. Also, if it’s just out of stock, then what happened to silver?

Should Anker bring back the SoundCore Nano?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care

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Disclaimer: This is not an official poll made by @AnkerOfficial.

You do realize items go in and out of stock all the time,. Like right now this is available on, although only the pink is currently in stock

Far as I’m aware it hasn’t gone (or been discontinued)…most likely just out of stock…


But it isn’t even on or, which is weird because normally a website wouldn’t remove an item page entirely just because it’s out of stock.

Possibly, but it isn’t normal for a website to remove an entire item page just because it’s out of stock.

If you want to see stock you have to look at Amazon, Anker/Soundcore are not the best at keeping up to date with what’s in stock or not. And yes Anker removes items that are not in stock all the time as to prevent confusion in what’s available and what not

Stick around and you will see this all the time, also just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean it’s discontinued. Unless it’s been specifically stated it’s discontinued, assume it’s just out if stock

Does Anker remove items of their page because of an item being out of stock usually?

As I mentioned they are not the best at keeping up to date with what they have in stock, so sometimes you see the products still listed and other times it’s removed