Cleaning soundcore 2

Hi! I would like to ask for your suggestions on how to clean soundcore 2 without rusting the metal grills. Thank you


If you have an air compressor you can probably use that to spray out the dust.

If not, just use a vacuum :man_shrugging:


Compressed air can and rubbing alcohol.

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Does fiber cloth with water can make it rusty?

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Use a wetwipe, like pampers hughies etc

DO NOT use a strong wipe like for kitchen cleaning etc.

Never use any water with electronic devices.
Pure water will not clean anyway.
Use denatured Alcohol. (spirit)

Isopropyl alcohol with water is ok?

Claro! But you dont need adding water.

  1. Use some gentle brush and wipe grill by moving brush in kind of circles
  2. Use some kind of (low power !) vac to suck out the dust

Repeat 1/2 until clean.

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I would suggest using anything but Acetone. I used that on my own Soundcore 2 (Don’t judge, I thought it was isopropyl alcohol) and the paint came off. Whoops! :wink: