Cleaning/Maintaining/Servicing Anker products

I think it would be really good if there were a forum/thread on cleaning, maintaining, and servicing Anker products for the purpose of keeping them in top performance and increasing life “expectancy.” Also, it would be helpful for fixing problems that may not require a product replacement.

For example, my 2 month old Anker power cord stopped working. I contacted support for a warranty replacement. Then, someone had replied on a “help” thread I posted suggesting that I try cleaning the fourth line on the charger connector. I haven’t tried it yet, so not sure if it will work or not, but I certainly appreciated the advice- especially since all too often, little “hacks” like this can make the old (or suspected bad) like new again.


I hope I didn’t just cut off my nose to spite my face with my suggestion! That said, if something like this does exist on Anker, would someone please point me in the right direction? I definitely want to bookmark it, if it’s out there.

I do not think anything like this exists. For the most part most of what Anker sells is not really maintenance friendly and I am sure it would void warranties if you go taking things apart :joy: but as for the outside and cables and inside of ports. I use air in a can to clean out ports of dust and debris it works 99% of the time unless you have kids that like to jam their food into the ports of portable batteries :unamused: :joy: As for outside surfaces just use a microfiber cloth with your favorite cleaning product, mine is water with vinegar mIxed in, just lightly spray the microfiber cloth never the item to be cleaned as the solution can potentially harm the inside electronics. (We are a vegan household so we like to keep it natural :wink:)


Can’t really add much to what @cava3395 has already mentioned, although I would use rubbing alcohol (1 part to 5 parts water) or glass wipes for cleaning. Much prefer vinegar on my fish and chips rather than my PowerCores or SoundCores :wink:


I agree some of the big problems can have such a small solution. Hope everything works out.

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Yeah rubbing alcohol works too!:grin:

There’s also “contact cleaners” for electronics with oxidized pins and such, but I never tried it on USB cables. I only use it on automotive wire connectors or similar type on other electronics

I’ve been using rubbing alcohol (no messy kids issues or anything) for keeping my Anker products sparkling like new. But on some of them, I’ve been a bit leery, concerned about it stripping the surface on some, or causing technical damage (i.e. With the cable pins). With many of my smaller items, specifically battery chargers, I almost always keep a small one in my purse. With change and all of that getting tossed in there with it, it does get dirty rather often, especially around the ports. I honestly have no idea if cleaning them with alcohol is the proper way or not- in fear of causing damage that isn’t there. As for anything further, like internal diy or whatever, I personally would never- and highly caution against it.

Another example that might be more relevant: I rarely use my large Anker Jump starter, and primarily just keep it stashed with a full charge in my trunk. It’s been sitting there for a few months untouched. The other day, I pulled it out to charge a speaker and it had zero percent battery. Thank goodness I didn’t need a boost! Nonetheless, things I’d find helpful in a product discussion of the sort, as it pertains to my jump starter: how often should I pull it out and charge it to always ensure a full battery, and optimize/extend battery life? I realize products like this can also have a “false memory” if not charged correctly the first time. Perhaps that is my problem- but if so, how do I “reset” it? Etc…, etc…

As for with cleaning, I never thought of using vinegar. That leads me to question now if alcoholic or vinegar is more appropriate for surface cleaning? Is it product specific? Or does it really matter?

Those are just a few things I’ve questioned over time. I never really trust much of what I’ve found on Google as it rarely is consistent, nor is there a consensus.

Mainly I think it’s more a case of personal preference as both have good cleaning qualities but taking into account the device is also wise. Apple has highly discouraged the use of rubbing alcohol (even diluted) on their products for several years as it can effect the both the case finish and screen coating. Never noticed any issues apart from the screens on the new design iMac’s and MacBook’s, which have a tendency to go cloudy until buffed up a bit. As for Anker products, the majority are plastic / metal based, of which Isopropyl alcohol is normally well tolerant in a 50% strength range. Kills bacteria too, apparently.

In both cases you are using a corrosive type substance, so diluting either is always a must (unless they are already pre-diluted).

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I mainly use vinegar as it is already in the house and easier on the nose. I don’t like to feel loopy after cleaning something :joy: To me vineger has never stripped a coating off of anything. I dilute it 60/40 (Water 60/ Vinegar 40) I have used alcohol before and it was safe on most items. Where I ran into a problem was my LED tv it had a coating for glare apparently and I watched it melt right off. It was patchy like a cow after that. :sweat: Ever since that excuse to buy a new tv I never used it again. So it all depends what you use it for. Hard untreated, non porous surfaces should be fine.

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Thanks @ndalby @AnkerOfficial :+1: This is great information! Ive been using straight 91% rubbing alcohol to clean almost everything. Never thought to dilute it, or use vinegar as I mentioned earlier. But your advice makes complete sense, is very helpful, and much appreciated!

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it’s not really serviceable I think, so the best you can do is wipe with dam tower then wipe dry. for the cable, I think there’s some cleaning cream which used for shoe can be used here as well.

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@AnkerOfficial @ndalby

I woke up this morning, logged on to my Anker account as I always do, and was so excited to see the post “Have You Been Charging Your Phone Correctly?” That sort of thing is exactly the type of info I was talking about! Either by random coincidence in the timing, or by way of @AnkerOfficial listening/acting, I was no less than thrilled to see a post like it in the headlines :grin: -Just what I was looking for, relevant, and something I terribly needed (esp since I keep my phone plugged in 99% of the day!). I hope to see more good info like this in the future! Thanks again, @AnkerOfficial :+1:

For those wondering what I’m referring to; Here’s the link to the post by @AnkerOfficial: Have YOU Been Charging Your Phone Correctly?

I just use a dampened microfiber cloth to wipe off the device periodically. For nooks and crannies, I use an old (clean) toothbrush.

For devices with screens, I’ll use Whoosh! Screen Shine or Mother’s California Gold Instant Detailer spray from Pep Boys (I’m located in the USA, SoCal) with a microfiber cloth. The Mother’s is very cost effective ($6 - $7 for a 16 fl oz bottle), very readily available and seems to perform just as well as the Whoosh! (when used on a device screen) at a fraction of the cost. You can also use it on the battery packs but that’s just overkill…water works just fine for the plastic casing on most of these.

Another screen cleaner I’ve used for at least 20 years is Klear Screen (Meridrew Enterprises). You can find it at Fry’s Electronics retail stores or Amazon. It’s been around for a very long time now.

For cleaning electronic’s contacts, I’ve used the DeoxIT (Caig Laboratories) products for many, many years now. The DeoxIT Pen is great for cleaning contacts virtually anywhere (that the pen’s scrubby tip can reach) and is non-messy (not a spray). These products (not all however) are also available at Fry’s Electronics retail stores.

And yes, I am in the PC/electronics/maintenance field.

Google any of the above mentioned products for tons of more info.


What would you recommend for LED Tv screens? Maybe diy solutions or something readily available at many stores as well. Thanks!

Anker has a great customer service they did replace my broken cable.

Thanks for your input @SZak2015 - it is certainly useful! I’m on the East Coast and haven’t seen or heard of any of those products around here, but didn’t know they existed until now. I’m headed over to check them out via google. Much appreciated!

I received an email that they are sending a replacement for my defective cable. Response time was fast, and I should see it here soon. Overall, impressive customer service @AnkerOfficial :thumbsup:

It’s our duty to provide good service with customers!:grin:

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I wish more companies thought that way! Much appreciated, Anker :grin::+1:

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