Classic Portable Speaker doesn't work

I got an Anker Classic Portable Speaker a couple of years ago and it worked perfectly until now. It doesn’t turn on without the charger. I don’t know what to do and the warranty isn’t an option for me.

Any ideas?

Years ago?
Seems the battery is elapsed. :neutral_face:

As there is no more warranty:
If you are skilled you may open it and try to replace the battery if possible.
Let us know the model, so there might be an advice how to proceed.


Unfortunately unless you maintain the battery if you let it sit for an extended period of time the battery will reach a low enough voltage that it cannot be recharged.

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Unfortunately all portable devices even cell phones will loose power over time and eventually batteries have to be replaced. This unit is an older device and I believe the battery has stopped working. Contact @AnkerSupport at they might have some way to help figure out how to get it running again.

I have in those instances been able to charge a overdischarged battery by leaving it plugged in for an extended time to a slightly higher powered charger…so say the device calls to be charged by 1a I used a 2 a charger. The longest time I had to leave something plugged in was just under a week

Yeah that works sometimes but the battery is never the same.

@smcreativediva try @elmo41683 charger trick.

Dear @smcreativediva

This is Anker Customer Service Team.

We are so sorry to hear the issue with your Anker Portable Speaker. To help you resolve this issue,please try using a different cable and wall charger to see if any help. Ideally, the charger should be 5V/0.8A or above.

Hope it helps. Have a wonderful day!