Class Action Lawsuit against Amazon Facebook Page

This is a Facebook page that is taking requests from people who’s accounts have been messed with by Amazon in some way. Either deactivated for no reason or other things like removing reviews with no explanation. If you are one of those people I suggest checking it out.


This is another page, no lawsuit, just people banning together to battle Amazon’s monopoly, if you feel you have been wronged by them maybe join up.

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highly doubt there is much they can do but just move on…but hey it’s worth a try I guess

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Amazon can do whatever it wants in terms of removing individuals who it deems problems or habitual returners. Do I blame them? Not one bit. For every one person they remove 10+ more probably sign up. Amazon did not become #1 by sitting around and letting people take from them thats for sure. :clap:


I’m not like Yay! Sue Amazon!! I’m just posting this because I read a lot of posts of people on this forum who are mad their accounts or reviews were deleted for no reason.

I don’t know anything about this lawsuit… If the banned people cause problems all the time I side with Amazon.
If Amazon just bans them because it wants 5-star reviews so it can sell more, I side with the banned people.

Possiblly those people got banned due to bad software. I can imagine Amazon automated things and that can go wrong. Obviously in that case I side with the banned people too.

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I don’t think Amazon like you comparing n naming other brands/items… This anker lead is better than aukney etc

Then you’ll get aukney complaining, and then the reviewer will get told off. That’s what I think is happening.

I know when I test/review for another company, it’s rules state… do not mention other items/brands, do not mention customer service or postage. Focus purely on the item and it’s features (good or bad).
That’s it’s basic reviewing guidelines

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If I ever review an item like say 2 different smart watches. I’ll say, I’ve purchased one from another company, not name it then compare. That’s fine. But really, isn’t reviewing honestly the point? Since it’s all online they NEED us to review so more people will buy. So, if I’m buying a product I’d like to know how it stacks up against another in the same category. Just my opinion :grin:

There’s a difference

My Apple 4 watch is rubbish compared to my samsung go


this watch is nowhere near as quick as other watches I’ve used before.

One is liked by Amazon n Apple, and the other wouldn’t be accepted, because you’re praising a different brand.

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