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Hi, Anker fans!

As cold as it gets, winter nights can sure be beautiful, especially when illuminated by the lights of your town or city. Maybe you even live way out in the country, where light pollution is minimal and you can get a mind-blowing view of stars!

One of our community team members is from Kansas City, MO, which from Thanksgiving through the beginning of January gets lit up magnificently.

Do you have any special nighttime photos to share? If so, drop them below, and let’s talk about what makes the nights so special at this time of year.

Power (the Lights) On!


I bet you’d have some amazing photos for this @Dez_S


Not a christmas lights photo, but a nice one nonetheless. This one was taken from the balcony of friend’s apartment with a nice view of downtown Montreal.

And this one is what you can get outside big cities, a nice view from the stars in Vermont:


As the twilight fades to darkness, lights and stars beckon to your photos. Also, neon looks awesome in the dark!

Water Tower Place, Chicago IL

Water Tower Place, Chicago IL

Statue of Liberty (mini) in Las Vegas, NV

Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas, NV

Neon Musuem, Las Vegas, NV

Neon Musuem, Las Vegas, NV

Neon Musuem, Las Vegas, NV


Little India, Singapore


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Each year, our local zoo, does a Christmas themed night visit.

These are a couple pics from that. They’re not fantastic as taken on my phone, but considering that, I think they came out well.

My wonderful Jane … Shhh don’t tell her I use a pic of her!

I know not technically not city views, but since that incident, I don’t go out at night with my camera!


I love Christmas time: the extra friendly spirit, cold/crisp air, music/shows/movies, foods/drinks, lights, festivities, etc.

Found these pictures using Google Image search:


Those are some incredible-looking photos! That last one is prize-worthy, kudos.

It wasn’t clear that Anker wanted pictures that we’ve taken personally. These are Google-found pictures. Let me update my post accordingly.



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Those are cool pics though

Leavenworth, Seattle.

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I knew it.

The colour tone wasn’t natural.

Sorry. I wasn’t trying to be sneaky :slight_smile:

You’re getting as bad as me Franz! Hahaha

Yes. Our city puts on quite a show :blush:


Glad this wasn’t a contest!!! Great photos! What’s your camera setup?

Love heading to New York during the holidays. My wife and I try to make it there at least once a year (as we are from Michigan) and I always suggest early December for this reason.

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