Christmas shopping

With “Black Friday” just around the corner it got me thinking I really should start my Xmas shopping. Have you started yet?

Anyone finished already?


Haven’t started at all. I’ll probably end up doing all of my shopping online, anyway. I do everything I can do to avoid stores & malls these two months of the year. I don’t even like having to pick up prescriptions in December.

Ha, I’m the same way. I tell my family and friends that if I can’t find it on Amazon, they’re not getting it for Christmas! :grin:


I do all my shopping the last week before Christmas, why you may ask…because everything is cheaper by then and any money I can save I’m gonna save it

no where near started or done, but I recommend Slickdeals app and webiste for AMAZING savings for Black friday, also Prime members get early access on amazon

Agree with @Chris_Renshaw, slickdeals is what i rely on. Always check the app every now and then. They also have a section of black friday ads.
Planning to buy a denon receiver and a klipsch home theater this time. :slight_smile:

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Be careful with SlickDeals… I sometimes end up buying something just because it is a great deal, not because I need it. :joy:


Haven’t even started.

I do all my shopping on one day. The 24th. Procrastination!

This year, I’m hopping g to get a nice soundbar, but will have to wait for official answer to that one!

Otherwise, it’s a couple of small presents to each other, and a couple very close long term friends. That’s it.

We do get each other stuff through the year, as we have the money to do so. Thus, don’t feel the need to splash out at Crimbo.

As for when… When I see it! lol

I started a new job last week and think tomorrow il see if the 10 other new recruits wanna do a secret Santa.

Every year I say I wanna get it sorted well before Xmas but still find myself finishing it on Xmas eve and getting the most random presents :joy:

I’ve never partook in this strange event… I get a of someone in my office… Usually someone I hate or couldn’t care if they died n never came back.

I being (mostly) honest, spend up to the set amount. get a Poundland gift bag, from a person who is on more money than you.

Nah, not my thing… The above is from so many friends who have partook in secret :santa:

Haven’t started and won’t start until December. If I can’t order it online for most of it, I will go and get the rest. Luckily my list is a lot smaller this year.

Don’t worry I haven’t either!

No, I haven’t either :rofl:

If I could get my brother to tell me what he wants :confused:, I’d be almost finished. Mind you as a child he would make a list with stores and prices so you couldn’t possibly fail to get him exactly what he wanted. Nowadays, tough to get him to tell you.

There are a few things I’m waiting for on Black Friday discounts but that will be done on a computer. I don’t want to be anywhere near a shopping center from Thanksgiving onwards. Too crazy!

And I have to make a huge batch of dog biscuits for friends and neighbors with dogs. They’re very easy, but they get a huge response every year!

Anyone who needs to do Christmas shopping LISTEN UP LOL!


Sorry for the Caps yall need to know this is you don’t, slickdeals allows you to add Deal Alerts for Keywords i.e Anker
Also the deals ARE great, but you need to check the amount of thumbs ups it has.
So find your deal via slickdeals, on computer, go to the site selling it, use Ebates to get cash back for your purchases, I’m up to $50 just from christmas shopping, they will send it to your pay pal or a check in the mail depending on which you chose.
Also Honey, when u r in CHECKOUT at any online store, click the extenstion button and it will auto add any and all Promo codes from all over the web, you can try Wikibuy too, but I like Honey better. Honey ALSO allows you to add an item to your “Droplist” meaning, if the price changes it will let you know, I’ve saved so much by holding off until Honey notifies me that the price has droppped!

Happy Shopping!!! @elmo41683 @Mark_Dunsmore

I been an avid slick deals and Ebates user since 2010, nothing new there. Another thing to do is get Ibotta, and nerdwallet, both also offer cash back for shopping online

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Talking to the other half about getting a switch for the living room. So us and the kids can play mario cart instead of the kids spending every night playing fortnight. So that’s next on my list after an oven lol

Gotta get priorities sorted - food before tech lol

sick thanks for the info, I tagged you because, well, your name popped up first lol, plus like I’ve said, you have helped me before so…