Christmas lights before Thanksgiving. Yes or no?

What do you guys think?

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I’ve been guilting of hanging up the outside lights the weekend before Thanksgiving if it’s nice out, but I swear I don’t plug them in until after Thanksgiving!

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I’m not a fan of Christmas before Thanksgiving…but the day after I’m all for it. Even though I would be the one to decorate Halloween themed Christmas since The Nightmare Before Christmas is my wife’s favorite movie

My parents are always of the mind of 12 days before, take down 12 days after (UK thing? no idea)…me personally as long as it has hit December put the lights up and rock n’ roll …the holiday is too short already :grin:

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I know I hold a wildly unpopular opinion here, but how about no christmas lights at all? Think about it: the light coming from your house won’t be restricted to your house or your land. It might disrupt neighbours - who might not even celebrate christmas - and it will certainly disrupt nature. There’s already too much light pollution as it is, and we could all use less energy consumption.

So, decorate your house, inside and out, to your hearts content. Put the biggest christmas tree on the front with 1m balls all over it. Put a life-size animatronic Santa if you will. But no lights. Mind the others.

If you absolutely must put lights, keep it simple and within a constrict time frame - I like Neil’s parents idea of 12 before and after.

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I have to agree with the no lights option. I too prefer just to see decorations but not lights, and the times I do wish to see lights its generally on a mile long stretch of a persons driveway far away from everyone else so as to not bother them.

When I was younger and lived in South Carolina there was this old guy, he was in his 90’s, but he always decorated his mansion with a ton of lights and christmas stuff for all the kids. He did it all himself, but he literally had a Mile long driveway and he made sure none of the lights intruded on his closest neighbor. Everyone was welcomed to drive up his property to see the lights and showcase he did every year.

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Here in Montreal we have this one guy who goes way overboard on his christmas lights. I’m talking over 100 000 bulbs and a small fortune of investment each year:

There’s no driveway, no vegetation blocking the light to the neighbours. This house’s display not only wastes an insane amount of energy and creates light pollution, but it also includes loud music playing in the evening. It became some sort of attraction during christmastime having crowds of people go see it. The house’s owner ups the ante every year. The house is on a nice corner near a large city park. I would guess the neighbours paid good money for their homes there because it’s isolated and most likely quiet. Still, whenever I say that instead of being a magical and beautiful display, I consider it to be a huge lack of respect with one’s neighbours, I get frowned upon.


No. And they need to come down no later than New Year’s Day.

OMG, that is extremely obnoxious to the neighbors! I’m with you on this!

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I feel like the lights are up all year long lol!

Hey! I didn’t say you could post a picture of my home… :wink:

That is a lot of lights.

Personally, once Halloween comes down, Christmas goes up. I don’t have Thanksgiving decorations and don’t want to put the house back in order only decorate for Christmas a few weeks later. The inside of my house is decorated and the outside will go up this weekend.

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As much as I love Christmas decorations and whatnot, I think we tend to rush the holidays. I miss the days when holidays didn’t rush by so fast and we got to enjoy them. I miss walking into a store or mall during the holidays and being wrapped up in the season, driving down the street and oooh’ing and aah’ing people’s decorations, and just feeling the joy of the season. Nowadays, not many people decorate their houses… probably due to hoodlums or whatnot.

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Definitely not

DECEMBER. That’s it!

Due to having a disturbed cat (Molly), we didn’t do the full decorations last year, and.wont again this year either.

We do something similar but not the tree and dangling bits!

We have a cube type stack, that we put stuff in, and at Christmas we make the cubes christmassy, with battery powered coloured lights and sparkly bits :crazy_face:


I actually just call them “lights” so as not to limit their potential. I mean, how would you like it if your family only carted you out around Christmas and called you “Christmas brother” or whatever. :joy:

I say leave them up and plug them in year round. Not gonna hide em under a bushel…no…I’m gonna let em shine. Learned that in kindergarten.

Definitely a no go for me. Just looks silly

When I was younger my parents always put them up the first weekend of December. When I was older my parents lived in a neighborhood that had to have the lights up the weekend after Thanksgiving or have the lights up the follow week if out of town during Thanksgiving weekend.

My wife and I have been married for over 10 years and have never put anything up( lived in apartments and a rental property for most our marriage). This year we will put stuff up. Not a lot just some lights around the roof and then lights around the doors and windows. These will go up in the next 2 weeks and come down after New Years.