Christmas is around the corner, so what are your best suggestions from anker for gifts and stocking stuffers

IMy favorite holiday christmas :christmas_tree: is coming soon. I figure this is a good topic to bring up to give others ideas for gifts to friends and love ones to spread the exciting world of “anker” :joy:

Common gift ideas:

  • a speaker, either the Nano or Mini
  • cable for their device (Lightning, MicroB, USB-C)
  • 2 port charger
  • a small battery, like the Mini+ or the Slim 5000.

Power banks are always a hit, but I find that people seem to be even more appreciative for something as simple as a charging cable!

Maybe a flashlight
Or a power bank
Or a cable
Or a pair of earbuds
Or a wall charger
Or a car charger
Or even a speaker!

These are all great gifts, and they cost less than $40 each!


I would love anker merchandise hoodies t-shirts stuff like that


Stocking stuffers would be the car chargers and basic gifts power bank.
For the extreme always on the go people I would do flashlights and the larger power bank or multiport charger blocks

Anker gift cards hint hint. Merchandise like t-shirts and hoodies. Things with the Anker logo.

It’s still a while before Christmas, and you start to have gift ideas!:laughing:


#timeflies :joy: @AnkerOfficial


Pretty much any gadgets Anker sells would be a nice gift.

Power Bank, bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones. etc

Ideas become Black Friday items becomes Xmas gifts.


You should try to get all your shopping done around Cyber Monday week or before! It should be less stressful that way.

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I always forget about cyber Monday, I swear there are better deals that day than black friday

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