Christmas Gift Guide | Win a FREE Order of Gifts

‘Twas a few weeks before Christmas, [on the Anker website](, There were PowerHouse and PowerCore, and a eufy night light! No one could snicker or sniffle or scoff, At the banner proclaiming: 50% OFF!

And as one little shopper completed her haul
Happily shopping online skipping lines at the mall
Completed and paid for her purchase with care
Knowing her Anker order is soon to be there

But, oh what surprises awaited our hero,
As she sat down to her desk and cracked open a beer-o
Checking her email for holiday greetings
Hoping to warm her heart up from the long winter sleetings

When suddenly: what’s that? Could it be!?
An email from Anker, proclaiming with glee:
We’ve paid for your order;
That’s right, it’s all FREE!

Dear Anker fans: now it’s your time to try
Head to the Christmas Gift Guide to shop and to buy
You never do know, you might just get lucky
With 100 winners, the odds aren’t too yucky!

But that isn’t all, Community crew:
I do have one final secret for you
10 winning places are already reserved
For Community members only! Your winnings preserved!
And thusly, therefore, we guarantee:
10 of you members get Christmas for free!

Whether you need a cable or PowerCore II,
Something for loved ones or something for you
We wish you a magical Christmas Day dawn
Merry Christmas to All! Anker fans, Power On!

**Rules:** 1. To be part of the community pool of free orders (increasing your chances of winning!), share below what you purchase on after your order is complete. If you win, you’ll be asked to provide your order number to claim your prize. 2. 10 winners will be chosen from the Anker community members. 3. Winners from the community will be announced on January 3rd, 2018. 4. Open to US residents only. 5. The other rules are the same as the rules on the [event page](

Winner Announcement

The 10 lucky winners are:


The confirmation email will be sent to you within two weeks. Congratulations!


Another excellent competition @AnkerOfficial , must be costing you guys a fortune so far :blush:


I got 10 spots for community members exclusively! Are you excited for that? :smile:


If only I had money to spend to risk buying something.


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I’m super excited as I need a bunch of stuff. Hopefully I can order something today. Thanks @AnkerOfficial


Great poem and competition!


Went crazy black friday shopping on amazon. I can’t place any orders for a long while.


I just bought a Mynt Massage pillow for my sister on Amazon yesterday. Missed this promotion by a day. Oh well!


Agreed! There are going to be some very happy shoppers this season! :smiley:


@AnkerOfficial I thoroughly enjoyed reading the event description​:+1::+1::slight_smile::+1::+1:


Great poem! I want a beer-o!

I am eyeing a few of the gifts.

Wish the Inifini Soundbar or Solar Lite were included :smiley:


@AnkerOfficial I just placed my order for some new cables.
I ordered the PowerLine+ 6ft USB-C to USB 2.0 Cable, a Powerline+ II 10ft Lightning cable, and the PowerLine+ C to C 2.0 cable (6ft). Each of these will be gifts, except the last one which is for me since I somehow lost my only c to c cable I had.
Here’s to hoping I’m one of the 10 that get selected… Order was placed on


Great deals!!


And here I thought I was going to be able to keep myself from buying more. But needs are needs and I need a 2nd baby monitor. Perfect reason to justify it to the wife. SpaceView here I come!


I got the 21watt with the discount last week. Since the price is the best I have seen. At some point what you desire shall soon be on sale, and next thing you know it will be in your mail.


darn it I ordered some stuff Tuesday and so missed this.

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Think you had to quote your order number to enter properly

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Nope, and I wouldn’t do that because you know the whole privacy thing…
Per the rules: If you win, you’ll be asked to provide your order number to claim your prize