Christmas decorations

I’ve seen some extreme decorations on my Facebook recently and thought wow people must think we are Scrooge’s as our decorations aren’t up yet (going up this weekend I believe)

Anyone got there’s up yet and wanna show it off with a pic??

Please note there are no prizes available and this isn’t a competition :tongue:


There is a contest at soundcore about that.
Is’nt it better to use Christmas than Xmas? :wink:

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We got a little bored between Halloween and Thanksgiving this year and decided to put up our decorations mid-November! :rofl:


I must admit I’m slacking and haven’t checked there :grimacing:

I shall update the title :santa:t2:

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Perfect! Thank you!

Oh well, if we’re changing thread names, can you change it to Winter Solstice Pagan Mas? Otherwise known as Yule.

That’s it true original name and the source of all the decoration and traditions.

Christmas is mostly a Victorian era rename bringing in German traditions with Prince Albert, and further embellished via Dickens.

During the UK civil war and the resulting form of Christianity which disapproved of decoration, the Pagan traditions were banned. The English hated that and fought to bring back pagan traditions.

So actually the decoration are primarily pagan.

USA tradition is now just happy holidays and put decoration up around Thanksgiving and keep up til January. This neatly allow for it to cover Jewish festival around the same time.

No we not put up our winter solstice pagan decoration yet.

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Not decorations yet but I should probably start this weekend lol

We put our duck up this past weekend. I mean, what else would you put on the front of your house? :grin:


Rubber ducky you’re the one…


I promise next year I will have a Winter Solstice Pagan Mas as Yule just doesn’t have the same ring to it lol

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Lol that’s perfect


Nothing says Christmas like a giant rubber duck on your front porch


If that’s the size of the rubber ducky… how big is the bath tub??


That ducky is amazong


This is so nice…! Loved it.

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That’s definitely something you don’t see everyday :joy:

This reminds me of a video I love> Honestly love that the duck also has lights on it that truly makes it the best part

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I can probably make that happen for you here in the near future. My wife had me put decoration out like November 10th. :rofl:

To be fair she did wait a couple of days to turn them on and then we went on vacation to FL. :rofl: I will say that I did turn on the Eufy indoor cam that we placed near the window while we were gone to watch for anybody coming near the house.

Pics will be coming soon…

Yes!!! I love this story!! Definitely a classic!!

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Here is 2 pics