Chip shortages

Please be tolerant of Anker product prices and shortages… Classic supply vs demand.

I kind-of saw this coming and refreshed my tech 3 years ago but I will need to dip into buying sometime soon.


Better would be we all keep your old devices working! :grinning:
I got 2 old Lenovo laptops. Still great, working properly.
But of course the MAC and WIN users are always forced to acquire “new”
hardware regarding their “software updates” and their OS-“upgrades” :roll_eyes:
That’s the lousy market strategy of these companies.

That’s why we are LINUXERS! :laughing:

No shortage of chips here!



Where is the fish? :rofl:


I am very aware of forced obsolence from “supported” OS like Windows and MacOS, and to bypass that by Linux.

What I have impending is the physical breaking non-function of devices I have been repairing with screwdriver and glue over the years. My newest stuff is not broken yet but I have a 2013 device I am carefully not moving to keep it going.

My personal best was a laptop from 1999 I kept working until 2019. 20 year, not bad. It had a very minimalist Linux on it and was working physically but served no useful function so I scraped it. My head in shame, 20 years, I wonder who can beat that?


This must have been like a painful divorce. :grinning:
I have such one here in the cupboard.
No more battery no more power supply
Will keep it. Memory of good old times!
But let me report the actual status of my neanderthalean equipment.
I should make a photo of the broken frame of my LENOVO screen.
Glued, taped and one edge is fixed by a clamp.

That’s my true fight against obsolescence… :laughing:

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I always heard about the chip shortage but I never looked it up as to why there was a chip shortage. That was a great and informative read :+1:


Where is mr. beard… I’m sure he manage to eat all of that…

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