Chime works, but no video

We have had good success with our wired Eufy doorbell until recently, It was dropping the video and reconnecting, but now it will not connect to the video through the app. The chime however is working properly. Our internet is working fine. I wonder if the app was recently updated and that through things off. Thank in advance for your help

You could try a reset of the router

I worked on it after I asked the question. First I reset the doorbell/camera, then unplugged the modem and also the router. After this was done, I went through the set up again and the doorbell connected to the WiFi and all was working as it should. Previous also to the camera/video going out I was getting some static for about 2 days. I hope this might help others with the same situation with their Eufy doorbell/camera.

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Always the best to do a reset.
Perfect you got it now working again.
Enjoy the weekend

Glad you got it figured out and posted what worked for you :+1:

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