Check out Ankers Deal of the Day

Here is Ankers deal of the day


Just saw this on my home page of the Amazon app as well. They are running it as the deal of the day.

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Thanks… I picked up the new Qi charger!


Saw these earlier and I’m glad I don’t need anything right now or I’d be spending money that I need to be saving.

And looking at the deal page on Amazon, the Lightning cables, wireless pad, PowerCore’s 5000 & Speed 20000 are “sold out.”

Great deals!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Excellent deals there @elmo41683 thanks for sharing :ok_hand:

That wireless pad would be great if it worked with new ipads

Why would you want to charge the iPad wirelessly? at 7.5 watts it would charge super slow and is very inefficient for the size of battery you are trying to charge.

Maybe I want it to charge SUPPER slow @elmo41683

@FrederickJefferson pointing out @elmo41683’s typo and then mocking it in capital letters just makes you look very immature and silly.

This is a friendly community where regular members look out for each other and you’re going completely the wrong way about making friends here.


I’m going to buy the anker usb c hub. Now that’s a good deal!


The powercore deal is very tempting…