Charging time, Sam S8

Hello, daft Q

Anyone else on here use the Samsung wireless charger (got it free with handset).

I use it, with the power unit and cable that came with my phone (galaxy S8) and from 20% it takes 2hrs n a bit to charge. Yet, my handset says it’s on quick charge.

That is no different than any other phone I’ve had in the last few years. Even if I use the cable direct to phone, it’s still the same time.

Prob not allowed to ask here, but…

Wireless charging will always be slower than using a cable. When in wireless mode it detects the power output of the wireless pad triggering fast charge, but really it’s fast charge for wireless and not the same as fast charge via cable.


If I were using wireless charging, I think I would accept the charge to take longer. I guess it’s the ther side of the coin :wink:

Perhaps you missed the bit where I said, it’s about the same for using the wire direct.

What brick are you using to power up the cable? As in what are the specs? Is it the same brick you use for the wireless pad or a different one? Also have you tried using a different cable as it could cme down to that

I use the brick out of the box, which Sam says is a quick charger.

I was using the one from Sony (my ex XZ did charge quickly, esp in 15 mins.) And a new usb-c lead.

Was initially direct powered, then when the wireless from Sam arrived, used that.

With all combos, of the above… 20% to full takes just over 2 hrs regardless of set-up.

Apparently, in settings, I’ve activated quick charge … There’s no turbo mode (boost where 10-20 mins gives a real high boost) and to me (my.older fines room around 2+ hrs to charge anyways) no difference.