Charging the Unit and Delivering Power - at The Same Time?

Just purchased the Anker PowerCore 26800 Portable Charger, 26800mAh and like what I see a lot. I am looking to charge three dashcam units while at the same time - charging the unit. The issue I have is, when I put it on - the dashcams take the power being provided just fine. When I plug the power lead to the unit that would charge it however, power ceases to all three dashcams.

Can the unit both power and recharge itself at the same time? How do we bypass what it’s doing now to accomplish this?

Unfortunately you cannot charge and use this poqerbank at the same time. The majority of Ankers powerbanks do not allow pass-through charging, with the exception of the powerbanks with the built in plug.


Thanks for the information! Got a recommendation and model number for me to find for purchase?


You can solve this in a parallel method.

Use a multiport charger which in your use case has 5 ports. Plug in the 3 cams and both 26800 dual input ports into a 5 port and all will charge at the same time.

Anker makes 5, 6 and 10 port desk chargers and 5 port car chargers.

Same total cables, charges everything, doesn’t require pass-thru, only downside is own more port chargers.

The other method is just own multiple Powercore and swap between them on charger.

I use both methods depending on context.

I’d get a multi port car charger