Charging Question

I just bought the Anker Sundcore. It came with a charger cable, but my question is what do I plug it into to charge the speaker – instructions do not make any reference to charging the unit.

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@cjminx can you please mention what model of Anker / Soundcore product did you buy? Based on it we can help you.

Hi @cjminx
To charge your speaker i would recommend good output charger from Anker.
Something like this is more than suitable, cheap and a all round useful charger for phones etc.

Usually you can use all normal chargers (phone etc).
But it would be very helpful to tell us the model of the speaker.
We could give you more specific answers.

I’m assuming it’s this but just assuming.

It’s the SoundCore2; It’s got 2 numbers on the box: A3105014 and X001U83FHH; Anker Soundcore 2 B2C - UN Black Iteration 4

Hope that helps. Thank you.

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Soundcore 2 needs 5V at 2A for charging, so you may use any wallcharger or your mobile phone charger (do check the voltage / ampere rating) which gives this output.

Soundcore 2 would have a steady RED light during the charging. Once fully charged, it will have a steady WHITE light.

If you don’t have a charger, you may go for Anker PowerPort Elite 2 or PowerPort Mini. ----> this is completely optional. You may use the charger you have, this is just to give an idea.

Hope this helps!