Charging powercore+ 26800 with powerport Atom 3

Hi everyone,

I just bought the powercore+ 26800, which came without a charger and i try to understand the best way to charge it. Charging it with my old Samsung s7 quickcharger was ok, but i thought i could even speed it up by using the powerport Power delivery which is supposed to deliver 45 Watt.

But now i’m getting confused. The PD output of the Atom with iq3 is USB type c, the input of the powercore is Mini USB (type a or b? )

What cable Do i need to connect, how much Power will it deliver?

There seems to be several models of the powercore with the same Name. Mine Has three USB, one of which is iq3 USB. Is this an old Model?

Hope somebody can help me out.
Thx, Sebastian

I am sure Rob will answer you soon.
He is an expert regarding those questions.

But be patient, weekend all over the world! :wink:

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Your powercore is one that relies on quick charge protocols to fast charge it. Therefore you need This charger or similar to properly fast charge this powerbank. USB-C PD is great if you had gotten the Powercore+ 26800PD, but as you mentioned your charging port is Micro USB so therefore the charger you brought is of no use…unless you have other devices that charge via power delivery


Thanks for clearing it up for me. I can still return both items. Think i will go for the suggested charge. Does the PD powerbank work witvw the surface 6 pro?

Thank you very much…

Unfortunately I do not know if the Surface will charge with a PD charger, but I do know it charges over a usb 2.0 or 3.0 port. With users reporting a much slower charge than the 60w brick it comes with