Charging Powercore 10000 PD

How many watts wall charger needed to charge powercore 10000 PD…

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Specs says

USB-C: 5V=3A, 9V=2A, 15V=1.2A, MAX 18W

So you need a 18W PD charger which matches those voltage

So this can be done for example from at least 3 chargers

That one on the right is the most future proof general purpose but make a choice on size and budget.


I agree with @professor, the 49.5 w charger is the most future proof, with up to 30w usb-c and up to 19.5 w usb-a.
Works well with my Powercore 10000 PD as well as my XS max,with the New Anker usb-c to lighting cable.
I did buy the New version with the adapter that allows me to charge 2 usb-a devices if need be.



I bought Belkin USB-C 45W charger which gives power delivery. It took 4 1/2 hours to charge my Anker 10000 PD to full capacity. Am also using this wall charger to charge my Iphone X using new Anker USB-C to lightening cable…

Happy you got something you like.

Question: what made you decide Belkin over Anker? Was it the fact of the UK plug and Anker doesn’t support the UK that well with products?

Your profile did not show UK and you did not mention it, I linked to US products, with US specific folding pins designs, but Anker has to make specific UK products of which they tend to not.

Yes Sir you are right. I live in Kuwait. As u said only UK plug works here. So i cant use Anker PD charger as it has US plug…I bought Belkin charger in Kuwait & was bit apprehensive whether it will charge Anker powercore 10000 PD. But it came out good…

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Feel like an idiot asking this question but just got the powercore 10000 pd in the mail. appears to need a usb to usb cord to charge it? or a special wall charger and do it usb-c to usb-c? I have a number of anker batteries and for whatever reason this one seems quite different to me. or do I use usb to usb-c. or do i have to buy a new plug` thanks in advance.

The input is the USB-C port, no micro USB any more.

As far as I can tell, you must use a PD charger to charge it. A 7-11 charger or even an IQ3 3.0 USB-A charger with a USB A to C cable will not work.

Unless there’s some trick to it.