Charging my power core 20100 problem or normal?

I’m charging my bank, been about a day it’s plugged in the PC, I know it’s going to be slower but the 1st light is still blinking.

Is this normal? I don’t recall last time charging what happened.

Charging via a computer usb port will always be wiked slow, given the size of your powercore it will take most likely a week to fully charge it. It is best to use at the very minimum a 2A output wall socket in order to properly charge it otherwise you will be waiting a long time for it to charge

But to answer your question, ys it’s normal for the light to flash as it’s charging.


Seconding what @elmo41683 has said, your best using a wall charger for charging PowerCores, especially the size you have referred to. Anker have several variation’s available which are often on offer as well :smile:

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Hi @coursol1 charging the Powercore 20100 with a computer can be very slow.

We would suggest using a wall charger (at least 5V/2A), which usually takes 10-11 hours to fully charge the Powercore 20100.

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This will last till you are retired! :slight_smile:

#SnailCharging. In all seriousness though, use a standard 2A charger and it’ll be fine. Don’t charge with a computer, ever – IMO.

Yes, you should charge it plugged straight into the wall. Try plugging into the wall and see if it passes the first light.

Get yourself one of Anker wall chargers. They will charge it a lot faster than your computer or an OEM charger. I have a 16000 mAh battery pack and it takes forever on the computer and takes about 6 or 7 hours on Anker charger.