Charging Issue - new Anker PowerCore+ 26800 with USB-C PD [SOLVED]


Yesterday I bought Anker PowerCore+ 26800 and unfortunatelly I am experiencing charging issues. Max measured input that Anker powerbank takes from the charger is 5.16V, 0.47A while in the same time my smartphone charges with 9.00V and 1.46A.

Could you advise me with the charging issues? I have tried many different chargers including ones with output up to 2.4A and cannot get higher values than 0.47A. Using the same charger Huawei powerbank goes above 1.5A.

Any help would be appriciated,

PS. I have already contacted Anker support, however maybe some of the users experienced same issue?

In descending order of most likely first:

  • the cable
  • is the 26800 nearly fully charged anyway so its trickle charging to full?
  • PD is a nightmare, Anker bundled their own PD charger - did you buy the bundle?
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I see your using an adaptive charger, which is something that will not output more power to charge a powerbank like it does for your phone. The phone can request more power hence why it’s an adaptive charger and as such will reap higher charging output. Your best bet is to get either a dedicated USB c plug that can output PD or a plug that can deliver a sustained power output, not one that is variable.


That’s an issue with the charger, not the battery bank. The PD input is a little picky. It would be best to get a PD compliant charger.

Guys/Galls thank you very much for the answers.

  1. I have not bought boundle. I was using samsung charger and additionaly HTC Rapid Charger 3.0 (outputs: 5 V/2,5 A, 9 V/1,7 A, 12 V/1,25 A) - with the same result.
  2. Powerbank was nearly empty. To test it further I have emptied it and tried again - with the same results.
  3. Cables are ok, I have used cables from the boundle.
  4. Anker support suggested that I should try MacBook pro 61W or 87W adapter, Nintendo Switch adapter. Lucikly I have Switch and will try it today :slight_smile:


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Any feedback let us know here!

Like I mentioned above, the fast charger for phones are adaptive, meaning they will vary the output to charge your phone only. Any other device will be charged at a slower rate. And like support mentioned, it is best to use a 60 watt or higher output charger

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That would explain a lot. Thank you! I will update you with the results using N Switch charger.

PD and QuickCharge are not the same. Personally I only would assume either a 2.4A or a bundled with charger would work. PD is very finnicky.

Charging is a zoo. How many times do we hear a vague set of English works like “rapid” or “fast” charger…

How many cables have you used? Have you used a USB-C type 3.1 cable?

Most likely I think you issue would revolve around your charger like others suggested. The samsung charger you have is adaptive fast charge, which from what I can find is slightly different than Quick Charge (this is what the manual calls out for). Utilizing fast charge tech with the wrong chipset in your device seems to default at around 0.5A max charge. Your option according to the manual seems to be selecting a 5V/2A charger, or to get yourself a charger that has QC 3.0. Either product should boost your charging capabilities.

Hello Guys, thanks to you and Anker support I managed to solve my issue. Nintendo Switch charger did the trick.


HTC QC 3.0 - not working well due to being adaptive charger. Max output taken by the powerbank ~5V, 0.5A. 2 dots of charge over the night.
Samsung fast charge - not working well due to being adaptive charger. Max output taken by the powerbank ~5V, 0.5A. 2 dots of charge over the night.
Nintendo Switch charger - manged to charge powerbank over the night (from 4 dots).

Thank you very much.