Charging in Spain?

Hi all,

I’m headed to Spain Soon. I think I need a type C adapter right? Also, should I consider a converter or are most of my Anker chargers already set up to handle wattage differences? Thanks!

Dont know if the charger are recognizing the 220 voltage.
Have you contacted the support?
They may know.
For me I would not care to plug in a 220V charger in an 110V system.
But not versa.

Where do you go there?
Hope you can stand the temperatures and you speak Spanish.

¿Hablas español perfectamente? :grin:

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congrats on the trip…

Enjoy the trip! You might need an adapter because some chargers might not recognize the voltage difference but I think it varies depending on the product

The electronics are multivolt autosensing, you can confirm by seeing a 110V-240V input written on the charger.

There are very few, I think zero, Anker products who are fixed to a specific country electrics.

You need to buy a USA to EU plug adapter. Would look like this

2PCS Travel Charger Wall AC Power Plug Adapter Converter US USA to EU  Euro`uk | eBay

Alternatively, and in some ways superior, is to use an Anker desk charger and buy a C8 EU cord. You’d then own a EU to US adapter which does the reverse so your charger works while in US such as departing airport lounge.

Eu Extension C8 Plug Pc Laptop Vde C7 Figure 8 Connector Ac Power Cable -  Buy Eu C7 Cable C7 Figure 8 Connector Ac Power Cable,2 Pins Eu Plug Ac Cables  Europe

European to US Plug Adapter, Australia China Italy Switzerland Europe To US  Plug Adapter, Best Simple

The advantage of the latter method is as you’re spending most time in EU your plug in is more stable in the socket. You have more USB sockets. You can stretch to further away sockets, choice of length C8 cord and USB cords.

I did a trip last month in the reverse direction from UK to US. I have the 4 port 63W desk charger, here delivered with a UK C8 cord. I owned a US C8 cord. Packing I swapped to the US C8 cord and a US to UK adapter, I then spent a night in UK hotel using the adapter, then 6 nights in USA no adapter, then 2 nights in UK using the adapter. I slept in 4 places and 2 of them had sockets over 6 feet away.

So in summary you’d leave USA with

Anker USB C Fast Charger, PowerPort Atom III Slim 63W 4 Port PIQ 3.0 GaN  WallLine Cord for EU (C8) | NetCloud Equipment Accessories | US Plug Adapter, European to USA Adapter, Unidapt Small European  to American Outlet Plug Adapter, EU to US Adapter, Universal Input Europe/Asia  to USA/Canada Travel Power Plug Adapter (1-Pack, White) : …and your USB cables.

@Chiquinho No hablo español perfectamente, pero estoy practicando. Estudiaba la idioma en la escuela pero no vivio en un pais donde hablan español.

I get a week in Barcelona and a week in Sitges. Any ideas for things I should do there?

@professor here’s my setup. I’m adding a Nano II 65w 735 to the mix as well. I really like the idea of adding a C8 EU cord to the Atom III I already own. I never would have though of that.

@ktkundy I think most adapters handle voltage conversion. I am going to have to leave my curling iron behind though. :tipping_hand_woman:


Given the duration using EU sockets, if this is a recurring wish, given a C8 EU cord is a passive dumb connection it will last decades and move between all future chargers. It will make it more reliable, and just for the part of the trip in USA the adapter would suffice for the brief time at start/end.

I’d not personally buy a EU specific charger as they cost money and become useless after a few years (charging tech changes) but I see you already own one.

I like you have 2 chargers as a backup / capacity, far less cost than buying one urgently if a sole one breaks.

The lowest cost answer from what you own is a EU-US adapter

2PCS Travel Charger Wall AC Power Plug Adapter Converter US USA to EU  Euro`uk | eBay

Enjoy the heat and stay cool! :grin:
Barcelona : I remember this kind of “wine gardens” sitting
outside having the possibility to bring your own food and only order the local wine.
BUT BE CAREFUL! Strong stuff when drunk in that heat.
Mixture is better : Add a lot of water!.

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