Charging Eufy cam

I would like to have my cameras attached for charging and attach a lightweight portable power bank outside, for example in a plastic case. Which of anchors is suitable? Must be available in Germany.

We recommend this one:

Are any solar charging panels suitable?

As long as they can use a Micro USB plug and are safe to charge phones.

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But isn’t the battery supposed to last 1 year?


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I guess the camera will not charge no matter what you use if they are mounted outdoor and the temperature is below 0C (pretty much mostly in Canada) :frowning:

Correct. This temperature is lower than the charging threshold will allow.

I suppose there might other issues occur, when the camera is used if there are temperatures under 0 Celsius.

Well, in these cases, the battery would shrink (as all lithium ion batteries do), but it shouldn’t effect useage. The battery will grow back to it’s normal size once the temperature lets off.

If the Eufy Cam E is plugged into constant power, will it be able to live stream continuously to monitor or surveil a home or business? Meaning I could have a monitor up streaming multiple cameras without them timing out?

That’s something we’ve asked for a few times, a competitors camera system can so would be nice if Eufy cam could

Can i plug my EufyCam into an Arlo pro solar panel? I’m replacing the Arlo pro with EufyCam and the position is quite high and I’m not very stable oin a ladder. This would save me having to get my son or husband to climb up and get the camera for charging and then climb up again to replace it. Thanks for any help Monica

You should get decent life out of Eufy compared to Arlo’s. On top of that, I believe you can use the solar panel that you are using for your Arlo.
Just check the output ratings to meet charging requirements of Eufycam.

@yamyam what are the solar panel ratings needed for eufycam?

Arlo charge off 5v, eufycam supports 5v & 9v so it’ll be fine

Thank you for your answers and help. I’m hoping the EufyCam lasts longer but as the solar panel is already in place and i was hoping i wouldn’t have to climb the ladder again once the camera was installed I thought I’d ask if it would work.

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You are welcome and good luck with the eufycam :+1:

You could recommend to him to read my

There is also mentioned which solar panel ratings / technical data is needed.
But as long as his “old” arlo solar panel has a quite stable 5V output, it should be fine with the eufy cam.


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I’m a bit lazy boy :crazy_face:

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