Charging case for soundcore liberty lite broken

I need help to find a charging case for Soundcore Liberty Lite

Hi @Ahmed_Bouanane can you expand a bit on what you mean by broken? Is it not charging, is it physically damage etc?

SoundCore products come with an 18 month warranty, so feel free to reach out to with your issue, purchase date and any troubleshooting steps taken for assistance under your warranty…


“Broken” can mean a lot. :wink:
Not charging or really damaged physically?

If damaged :
Please add photos, so we might help you decide what to do.

If broken from a drop that’s not.covered, as it’s not a faulty item.

The charging case is not charging when I plug it to the power and the light indicator is off

contact support they will work with you on your issue. If it stopped charging they may have some way to get it charging again. They at least need to know that it stopped working.

Have you tried a different cable and/or wall charger just to rule out?

I have tried multiple cables and different wall charger

It’s not damaged physically but it cant be charged

Then you might contact the support.

Add the date and place of purchase and the manufacturer’s number.
They will help you, but please consider the weekend.

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If you’ve tried multiple cables and wall chargers you would be best reaching out to Please allow a few days for response with it being the weekend and all…

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Hello everyone I have soundcore liberty lite earbuds and the problem with mine is just the case. The problem is that the case led lights dont turn on whenever I open or close the case or when it charges whoever can help me I would appreciate it.

Best thing if you have tried multiple ables and outlets and it is not the case being broken then follow the info stated in this quote.